The Ultimate Bedroom Design Guide

6. Tips for Laying It Out

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How you choose to layout your bedroom will be determined by how large the space is and what furniture you’ve decided to incorporate. Therefore, there are no hard-and-fast rules for bedroom layouts. However, there are some tips that we think you’ll find useful, depending upon what kind of bedroom you’re laying out.

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  1. With a small guest bedroom or children’s room, you want to get as much out of the space as possible. Therefore, consider ways of only providing one nightstand, with a dresser doubling as a nightstand for the other side of the bed.

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  1. Also, with small bedrooms, try to use as much light as possible and incorporate mirrors. The brightness and reflection will give your bedroom the illusion of appearing larger than it actually is.

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  1. If the small bedroom is a pure guest bedroom, then you can consider doing away with a dresser altogether. Instead, you may wish to incorporate a small seating area, a desk, or even a fainting couch.

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  1. Dressers can be used to add a certain level of functionality to your bedroom designs, especially if you place them at the foot of the bed. There are mirror can be used to increase the sense of space, or the dresser can double as a TV stand.

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  1. We’ve already mentioned how a seating area can really make a bedroom cozy. If spaces allows for it, placing this seating area at the edge of the bed can be a real winning design, as you see up above.

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  1. In a larger bedroom like a master, you’ll find designing more challenging. In order to combat the cavernous feel that such rooms can have, you’ll need to find ways of filling out the space.

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  1. Taking a page out of the small-bedroom book, consider adding an elegant seating area to your large bedroom design. In many ways, you can go with a seating area that’s similarly designed to one you’d see in a living room.

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  1. Of course, you don’t need to go that route if you don’t want to! Instead, you may wish to consider adding a desk area. This is perfect if you work from home, or simply want a private place to handle personal matters from time to time.

Get More Inspiration

With all of this information in hand, you should have all the tools you need to create the bedroom design you’ve been dreaming of. Of course, interior design is all about finding inspiration and then applying it to the project that’s at hand. For that reason, we’d like to encourage you to look through the following galleries. Each provides a number of stunning bedroom design examples from which you can draw valuable information!