The Ultimate Bedroom Design Guide

Concrete floors can also work quite beautifully in more traditional bedroom designs; so, don’t write it off!

5. Colors and Style

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Given that you’re trying to create as relaxing an environment as possible in your bedroom, color is going to play an incredibly important role. Below, we’re going to provide some general tips for selecting the appropriate color for your bedroom, and then we’re going to explore a number of style options that are available for your overall design.

Color Tips

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  1. The safest choice you can make in your bedroom is to go for neutral colors. These can include light beiges and cream colors. These work especially well with bedrooms that use darker flooring.

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  1. White is another color you can use in your bedroom, but you need to be careful. It’s a very “active” color, which can ruin the relaxing vibe you’re going for. If you use it, try to mollify that activity with darker colors elsewhere.

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  1. Cooler, darker blues are another excellent color choice for the walls of your bedroom. They have a very natural soothing effect and work beautifully with lighter colored furniture as well as dark, wooden furniture.

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  1. If you’d like to go bolder than blue, purple is becoming an increasingly popular color choice for bedrooms these days. It provides a bit of a darker touch (perfect for those who like to sleep in!) and it interacts well with many other colors.

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  1. Likewise, green is another unconventional choice that’s increasing in popularity. This can be perfect for a bedroom that’s attempting a coastal vibe, as it balances beautifully with beige, yellow, and natural wood grains.

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  1. Are you a morning person, or do you really what a cheerful bedroom environment? Then yellow might be the answer. Be careful about going too bright, though – a muted almost pastel yellow is invariably the best choice.

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  1. Pink is a color to be wary of, as it has even more of an “active” feel than bright white. However, it can be used, especially if it’s balanced by darker colors from deeply stained woods or black and purple hues.

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  1. When it comes to bedrooms, there’s one color that interior designers everywhere will tell you watch out for: red. It can work, but you’ll need to be extra careful in balancing it out to prevent it from becoming overpowering.

Possible Bedroom Style Choices

As with the rest of your home, you can go for virtually any “style” you wish with your bedrooms. With guest bedrooms, you’ll likely want to mirror the style of the rest of your home in order to create harmony for guests. With a master bedroom or child’s bedroom, however, you can let your imagination take you where it will. It’s your (or their) sanctuary, after all!

With that in mind, let’s take a look at various bedrooms that are done in different styles.

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  1. This bedroom is a stunning example of the things that can be done with an attractive, rustic style.

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  1. Muted blues and greys are absolutely essential for a bedroom adopting a coastal style.

chic montecito modern

  1. To balance the dark woods of the Craftsman style, you’ll need to make lighter color choices here and there.

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  1. In a country bedroom design, opting for a four-post bed is always a solid choice!

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  1. The modern bedroom style will generally make use of minimalism and low-profile furniture.

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  1. For a child’s bedroom, simply let your imagination run free! Think like a kid again!