The Ultimate Bedroom Design Guide

4. Flooring

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When it comes to flooring, you’ll generally want what you select to offer some level of contrast from your furniture pieces. For example, if you’ve chosen dark wood furniture, you’ll likely want to avoid dark hardwood floors. This isn’t a rule, mind you, more of a suggestion. If, ultimately, you’re looking to create a dark bedroom, then matching in this manner could be beneficial.

The style you ultimately select will ultimately dictate the color of the flooring you choose. What’s more important is the material. There are a number of common flooring materials used in bedrooms. We’ll be reviewing what they are, their pros and cons, and showing you examples of how they’ve been used. Let’s take a look.

Master bedroom in luxury condominium with sitting room


When it comes to bedrooms, carpet is incredibly common. It’s easy on the feet, and it provides natural sound muffling, which is good for having a quiet place to sleep. Naturally, carpet comes in all kinds of patterns and styles, so there’s plenty of room for finding something that will work with your design and style concept.

One important thing to note is that not all carpet is created equally. If you’re worried about carpet ruining the “luxury” of your design, know that there are silk-and wool-based carpets out there that really offer a touch of class along with the comfort. As always with carpet, though, it can be tough to keep clean!

Here are two examples of bedrooms with attractive carpeting:

The Ultimate Bedroom Design Guide-4b

The plush grey wall-to-wall carpeting in this contemporary bedroom adds an excellent level of comfort.

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Here, dark wall-to-wall carpeting is matched beautifully by the drapes covering the French doors.

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When it comes to interior design for the home, hardwood floors are all the rage; it doesn’t matter what room you’re talking about. So, it should come as no surprise that hardwood floors can be an incredibly attractive option for your bedroom design, as well.

Sound can become a problem with hardwood floors, though, so you’ll definitely want to look into area rugs that can help with that (as well as protect the floors themselves). Also, you may not normally think of hardwood floors for a child’s bedroom, but you should think again. It’s much easier to clean than carpet, and kids are messy!

Here are two examples of bedrooms with attractive hardwood floors:

The Ultimate Bedroom Design Guide-4e

In this beautiful bedroom design, light hardwood floors allow the other design elements to really sing.

The Ultimate Bedroom Design Guide-4f

The powder-blue bed works beautifully with the hardwood floors in this striking bedroom design.

Modern luxary bedroom design


Hardwood can be quite expensive, which is why more and more people are looking into bamboo floors for their bedrooms. You essentially get the same look with all of the durability, but at a cheaper price point.

As with hardwood floors, you’ll want to consider area rugs to protect the floors themselves and provide sound muffling. Also consider that bamboo (and hardwood) floors will be colder than carpet – something your toes might not appreciate in the morning!

Here are two examples of bedrooms with attractive bamboo floors:

The Ultimate Bedroom Design Guide-4h

As you can see, bamboo has almost the exact same look and feel as hardwood floors.

The Ultimate Bedroom Design Guide-4i

With stains, you can achieve almost any look you want with bamboo floors for your bedroom design.

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Cork is becoming an increasingly popular flooring choice with homeowners. There may be no better room to use it in your home than in the bedroom. That’s because cork, while offering the same attractiveness as hardwoods, is also a bit softer and tends to stay a bit warmer.

There’s one thing to be wary of with cork, though: prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause the cork to discolor. If you’re attempting to achieve a rustic or country look, this might not be a bad thing, but if you’re trying to keep things neat and uniform, then this fact might be a deal breaker!

Here are two examples of bedrooms with attractive cork floors:

The Ultimate Bedroom Design Guide-4k

Cork floors can come in a number of different patterns. Here you see an example of “solar ripple”.

The Ultimate Bedroom Design Guide-4l

Given how much time children spend on the ground, cork floors can be an excellent choice for their bedrooms!

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While not the most common flooring option for bedrooms, there are a number of reasons that you might wish to consider tile floors for your bedroom. For one, tile is incredibly easy to keep clean – something could make it a nice choice for an older child’s bedroom. Also, it’s perfect for those looking to create a Mediterranean style.

In terms of customization, the limit is your imagination. But all of this does come at a cost. For one, tiling a master bedroom can be an expensive proposition, and tile will be cold on your feet. Also, consider the sound element, as a tiled bedroom will need area rugs and other fabric to keep cavernous echoes to a minimum.

Here are two examples of bedrooms with attractive tile floors:

The Ultimate Bedroom Design Guide-4n

With a contemporary bedroom, large tiles can be a really attractive design choice.

The Ultimate Bedroom Design Guide-4o

Dark tiles like the ones you see here can really allow the other design elements of your bedroom to stand out.

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Even less common than tile is concrete. Generally, you’ll only see concrete floors in a bedroom that’s adopting a modern or contemporary style. However, there are reasons you might wish to consider concrete for your bedroom design!

For one, it can create a uniform look, which will allow other design choices you make to really stand out. Epoxies and stamps can also be used to add interesting detail and patterns to concrete floors. Also, concrete is incredibly durable and easy to clean. As with many of the options we’ve considered, though, concrete will be cold and it could make sound an issue.

Here are two examples of bedrooms with attractive concrete floors:

The Ultimate Bedroom Design Guide-4q

Polished concrete has a very unique look and feel, making it perfect for contemporary bedrooms like this one.

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