The Ultimate Bedroom Design Guide

3. Other Furniture and Décor

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The bed is, ultimately, only one piece of the design puzzle, though. The rest of the bedroom will need to be filled out with other furniture. We’ll be going over what the furniture is, as well as the various decisions you can make with each.

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Aside from the bed, this is the most basic piece of furniture that almost every bedroom will have. These will be waist-high and provide several drawers for storing clothing. In some cases, you may find drawers that are double-length, providing more storage. These can be excellent in larger bedrooms.

Generally, you should only need one dresser in a smaller bedroom, like a child’s bedroom or a guest bedroom. Don’t feel obligated to include a dresser in a guest bedroom, though. People tend to operate out of their suitcases when they’re visiting don’t they? The space the dresser would occupy could be better served providing something more functional.

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Bedside Tables

In all but the smallest of bedrooms, you’ll want to incorporate bedside tables. These provide those sleeping with a place to set things down, as well as a place for a lamp, alarm clock, or pieces of attractive décor.

Whatever you choose for bedside tables, you’ll want to make sure that they complement the style of bed that you’ve chosen. They can be tied into another design element of the room, if you want, but this can make the bedroom appear unbalanced, so be careful!

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If you want more drawer space in a bedroom, but you don’t want to occupy floor space by using more than one dresser, then you can go with a bureau. These will generally by eye-level in height and provide a number of drawers.

One reason you may want to consider incorporating a bureau into your bedroom design is that they add height. Bedroom furniture tends to have a lower profile, and a bureau can help to break things up visually. Further height can be added by placing something on top of the bureau, like a lamp or even a television.

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Not every bedroom is blessed with a closet. For these bedrooms, the wardrobe exists. This piece of furniture will provide a large cabinet where clothing can be hung, with drawers underneath for storing things likes socks, underwear and folded t-shirts.

Like a bureau, a wardrobe can be used to add height to your bedroom design. More so than with a bureau, though, a wardrobe can become a design focal point within a room, as they’re generally taller and wider. There’s also another use they can have, which you should consider – they can double as an attractive “TV stand”.

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Drapes are, of course, incredibly practical; they allow you to sleep in when the sun’s up, and they provide privacy. However, they play a valuable role in bedroom design, given that they can bring out the color of a room, and they can add height.

There is a range of options available when considering drapes, from sheer fabric to those that will black out light. Likewise, you’ll have a range of options to consider when hanging the drapes. Some can hang loose when open or closed, and others can be tied off at the sides of the windows.

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Attractive light fixtures can really make or break a bedroom design. It’s advisable to have at least one lamp next to the bed, but preferably two (one on each bedside table), especially with anything larger than a full-size mattress.

You won’t just want to consider table lamps, though. Look into attractive floor lamps that can be incorporated into the room. They may not be necessary if you’re going with recessed lights, but they can be a useful way to draw focus and arrange things visually within the room.

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Having a desk may not be practical for every bedroom, as space can be limited. However, one should absolutely be included in a children’s bedroom in order to provide a place for homework. They’re also excellent things to include in guest bedrooms, as they offer those staying over a place to keep documents, computers and things of that nature.

In a large master bedroom, you may want to consider including a desk, as well. It’s important that such spaces be filled out, and having an attractive work area can really do the trick. As with dressers, bureaus and wardrobes, you’ll want to consider how the desk’s design plays into the choices made elsewhere.

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In all but the very smallest bedrooms, you’ll want to provide a place to sit. In smaller bedrooms, a chair placed in a corner with an adjoining table can be a solid design and layout choice. In a larger bedroom that allows for it, you may wish to include two chairs.

When choosing a chair, consider that many enjoy lounging in a bedroom, reading, using the computer, or even checking their phone. A comfortable chair with an ottoman, or even a fainting chair, can be an incredible addition to a bedroom, increasing its functionality and visual appeal.

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For those looking to create the ultimate master bedroom, consider including a couch or loveseat in your design. Adding one can really increase the coziness of the room, adding functionality beyond sleeping and getting dressed.

Later on, we’ll be showing you some amazing master bedroom designs that incorporate a couch and chairs. As you’ll see, adding a full-sized seating area to a large master bedroom can really fill up the space and transform the room into something exceptional and unique.

General Furniture Advice

As you can see, the sky is really the limit when it comes to what you can put in your bedroom. As we discussed earlier, make sure that anything you select can actually make it into the bedroom you’re designing. This is especially the case with any bedrooms that are located on the second floor or above in a home.

As far as selecting the furniture itself, take your time. You’re looking for pieces that can work in the floor space available and that can work with each other. In order for your bedroom to become the sanctuary you want it to be, you’ll need to achieve harmony between the different pieces that make it up. This is easier said than done. So keep pictures of the furniture you like, and consider different combinations side by side.