Incredible Life Hacks to Supercharge your Productivity

Do you ever wonder how some people get so much stuff done? It’s quite possible that these people have employed some useful techniques that we’ll talk about below. Here we go!

1. Using a Calendar App on Your Phone

This is how the socialites plan their weekends, and it’s how the entrepreneurs plan their every hour! If you aren’t using the calendar app on your phone, then you must be instead forcing yourself to recall all the things you have coming up! That extra strain is hard on the brain, and can even discourage people from making plans! If you’re one of those people who says “I like keeping an open schedule” then you might also be one of those people who don’t even have one!

Get a schedule and use it! Better yet, have your significant other share their calendar with you so that you can see what they’re up to also. Whoever fills up the calendar first will have a better chance of doing what they want 🙂

image named google calendar

2. Almost-Automatic Grocery Lists

Using a whiteboard on your fridge, you can very easily write down the items that you need to replenish! When you finish the milk, you write it down. When you finish the pickles, you write it down! Getting a craving for something new? Write it down!

When it comes time to order groceries or make a visit to the store, just snap a picture of that whiteboard and you are all set!

image named fridge whiteboard

3. Cancel Your Cable TV

If you haven’t heard of “cutting the cord” then you might be living on a different planet. This term refers to the widespread movement of people to cancel their Cable TV subscriptions for the following reasons: TV commercials are a huge waste of your time, there’s nothing good on TV, and with so many other streaming options these days (Netflix, Amazon, Disney+) you can finally  retaliate against the cable companies for ripping you off!

Take back control of your time by cutting the cord, and then just see what happens next! You’ll have so much free time, all the things you wanted to get done will pretty much do themselves! Plus, your schedule will be filling up with all kinds of exciting new endeavors. You might just become a socialite yourself!

image named cutting cord

4. Wake up to the music that you want to hear

So this one might not directly make you more productive but it will certainly help! Waking up with energy is a huge upgrade for anyone! Technology these days (Sonos, Alexa and Google Assistant) have made it possible to wake up to music that you want to hear so that you don’t have to settle for the local radio station’s repetitive garbage music and annoying commercials. Upgrade your morning by investing in a Sonos speaker and use it to chime into your favorite genre, playlist or even radio station from anywhere in the world!

image named spotify