Best Waffle Maker for your Kitchen in 2023

Are you wondering about eating delicious and yummy waffles and searching for the best waffles maker? Well, we’re here to show you the top 11 popular Waffle Makers for your kitchen in 2020. Let’s get started!


Breville BWM604BSS Smart Waffle Maker

Breville BWM604BSS Smart Waffle Maker, Brushed Stainless Steel

The Breville Smart Waffle maker is one of the expensive waffle makers on the list. This smart Waffle maker is built-in with Waffle IQ. The intelligent darkness control dial allows you to cook waffles on the exact cooking timing according to your choice.

Using Breville smart Waffle maker, you can make me five different Browning styles of waffles from light to dark. The thermal pro provides even heat to the waffles to cook correctly. The premium PFOA free non-stick coating makes cleaning easy without sticking the batter. The ready light system shows the indication when you can pour the batter.

This smart Waffle maker stops the batter from spilling out and reduce excess strays. The bit more button of Breville smart Waffle maker allows making Waffles a little more brown without restarting the machine.


  • Thermal pro even heat
  • A bit more button
  • 12 different setting of Browning control
  • Waffle IQ


  • Big in size
  • Work slowly


All-Clad 2100046968 99010GT Stainless Steel Belgian Waffle Maker with 7 Browning Settings, 4-Square

image named 71M1Luxt 0L. AC SL1500


Among the other waffle makers, All-Clad Belgian Waffle maker is more expensive. The All-Clad Waffle maker allows you to make seven different styles of waffles by using seven shade or browning selection dial. Another feature of All-Clad Belgian Waffle maker is the steam release system that makes waffles crispy on the outside and fluffy from the inside.

The LED indicator lights show the ready time to pour the batter and when the waffle is ready to take out. The non-stick surface and double drip tray release the waffles quickly and end up in simple cleaning.

The waffles made using All-Clad Belgian Waffle maker contains deep pockets and easy to cut sections to enjoy more toppings and syrup filling. So, this waffle maker makes you enjoy more toppings and flavor with waffles.


  • Audible beeps
  • Stainless steel body
  • Locking lid for the upright storage
  • Make waffles with extra-deep pockets


  • Can cause spill and mess


Cuisinart WAF-F20 Double Belgian Maker Waffle Iron

Cuisinart WAF-F20 Double Belgian Maker Waffle Iron, Silver

The Cuisinart Round Double Belgian waffle maker helps you bake two thick, delicious Belgian waffles about 1-inch extra-deep waffle pocket, simultaneously. To ensure better cooking of waffles the Cuisinartrotatory feature overturns the waffles at 180 degrees and makes bite-sized waffles. These waffles are crispy and tender and allow kids to eat them easily.

The non-stick coating of the Cuisinart waffle maker saves you from cleaning the mess and provide easy removal of food. Also, there are six adjustable settings browning control to make waffles according to your choice (brown, fluffy, light, or crispy).

Moreover, the LED lights and alerting tones indicate when waffles get baked and its time to take it out. Plus, you can have a restaurant-style waffle because of its professional style.


  • Voltage 120 volts
  • One year warranty
  • Three audio beep tones signal
  • LED lights
  • 3-year warranty


  • 5 minutes preheating time
  • Overheats
  • Short electric cord


Cuisinart WAF-V100 Waffle Iron, Single

image named


One of the most different designed Waffle makers is Cuisinart Waffle iron. This Waffle maker is upright in position, takes little space on the counter, and make perfect Belgian waffles. The batter pours spout to allow the filling more efficiently by using the measuring scoop.

You can have perfectly baked waffles by the indicating lights, audible beeps, and five different settings to shade waffles according to your desire. The locking handle of Cuisinart Waffle iron is cool to touch and locks the batter into the cooking plates reducing the risk of leaking and cleaning of the mess.

Moreover, the non-stick waffle plates allow simple and easy removal of waffles from the cooking plates. Plus, it’s vertical design allows the even distribution of heat throughout the plates and make better waffles.


  • Even heat distribution
  • The perfect size of waffles for more serving
  • Easy batter filling


  • Some may find difficulty in handling the upright design


Belgian Waffle Maker, AICOOK 180° Flip Double Waffle Iron 4-Slice, Non-Stick Plates, Removable Drip Tray & Rotating, 1000W Adjustable Temperature Control & Cool Touch Handle, Stainless Steel

image named 71KvJJXwgpL. AC SL1500

Like Bella Waffle maker, the Belgian Waffle maker also comes with a rotating function. Due to the 1000 watt heating system, the Belgian Waffle maker makes golden, paninis, biscuit pizza, hash browns, and many other types of waffles within 10 minutes ( 4 batch waffles). So, if you have a large family, you should pick AICOOK Belgian Waffle maker.

The flipping function helps make fluffy and thick waffles. The flipping system makes waffles crispy from outside and fluffy from inside due to even heating. The 180-degree rotating function makes more pockets of Buffalo to allow more fruits, syrup, ice cream, and other toppings.

The AICOOK Belgian Waffle maker is durable due to stainless steel design. It is also easy to clean with a removable drip tray and non-stick surface which cleans from a damp cloth easily. You can store the Waffle maker vertically to save the counter space.

The indicator light shows the exact time for batter pouring and when the waffle gets done. Through AICOOK Belgian waffle, you can have four types of waffles, i.e., dark, light, fluffy, and crispy.

The Waffle maker is ETL approved with advanced safety technology. The handle is a cool-touch and allows a firm grip. Additionally, its leak-proof channel prevents the batter from leaking.


  • 2-year warranty
  • Cable storage
  • More durable
  • Thickened base to block heat dissipation


DASH DNMWM400RD Belgian Waffle Maker for Chaffles, Paninis, Hash browns, or any Breakfast, Lunch & Snacks with Easy Clean, Non-Stick + Mess Free Sides, 1200 Watt

image named 81sBpeICUPL. AC SL1500


The dash waffle maker makes hash browns, biscuit pizza, paninis, or any batter to enjoy a perfect snack by you and your family. The waffle comes out it four portions.

There are built-in pocket sides for catching any excess, avoid wasting, and keep the maker clean. This Waffle machine is simple, easy to use, and requires a simple plug-in. The Waffle maker heats up in minutes and allows quick and easy use.

The dual non-stick plates can cook evenly. Due to its temperature range, the results remain consistent every time. In other words, you can have the same waffle every time you make.

The Dash waffle maker can be a gift for a new home. Its small size and trendy colors allow choosing the one that matches your kitchen.


  • One year warranty
  • Compact size
  • Simple to use
  • Can bake different batters


  • No indicators


Disney DCM-12 Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker

image named 7 1

If you are searching for kids love Waffle maker, the Disney DCM Waffle maker can be a better choice. The Disney Waffle maker allows making Mickey Mouse waffles every day.

There’s no doubt make a Mickey mouse is still a favorite character, and kids still admire it. Moreover, the Disney DCM Waffle maker will make children’s breakfast even more exciting, and your kids might start eating breakfast.

Plus, this Waffle maker comes with features mostly found in other Waffle makers. The Disney DCM Waffle maker contains non-stick baking plates that make waffles without sticking and helps in simple clean-up. Another feature is its Mickey mouse shaped cute power indicator light which shows the maker is hot and plugged in.


  • Make Mickey mouse shaped waffles interesting for kids
  • Take less time to prepare waffle
  • Make perfect size waffle for kids
  • Compact size


  • Does not indicate if the waffle is ready
  • Batter spills


Chefman Anti-Overflow Belgian Waffle Maker w/Shade Selector, Temperature Control Mess-Free Moat, Round WaffleIron w/Nonstick Plates & Cool Touch Handle, Measuring Cup Included

image named

The chefman anti overflow Belgian waffle is considering it to be the best Waffle maker from consumer reports. The chefman Belgian waffle is built-in with seven shade settings so you can have waffles according to your taste.

The chefman anti overflow waffle maker provides an extensive range of recipe options. You can make waffles for lunch or dinner ( chocolate, banana, pizza, cinnamon roll, oatmeal, buttermilk, and many other options).

Like the Belgian AICOOK waffle maker, the chefman Waffle maker can be placed in an upright position, using less space storage. The interior and exterior plates of chefman Belgian Waffle maker can clean with a sponge or damp cloth.

The chefman Waffle maker approved with advanced safety technology, and unlike other Waffle makers, it has anti flow technology that stops excess batter from flowing out.


  • One year warranty
  • Use 700 watts of power
  • Anti flow system
  • Seven shade settings


  • Difficulty in seeing the ready light


Hamilton Beach 2-Slice Non-Stick Belgian Waffle Maker with Browning Control, Indicator Lights, Compact Design, Premium Stainless Steel (26009)

image named 81i76UKnb8L. AC SL1500

The Hamilton beach waffle maker bakes restaurant-style waffles, like Cuisinart waffle maker, which has different baking options from soft to crispy. Therefore, you can make waffles that can meet up with your choice and give you the desire to taste.

Moreover, you can remove the waffles easily from the maker due to the non-stick surface and Belgian style grids. You can easily clean the non-stick surface with cloth or sponge. The Hamilton waffle maker prevents mess through its covered.

The Hamilton beach Waffle maker comes with power and preheats light with upright storage design. Plus you can enjoy waffles made from Hamilton beach maker up to a week.

The Hamilton beach Waffle maker provides convenient cleaning of the grids because the batter does not stick with the grids, increasing its durability.


  • Stainless steel body
  • Dishwasher safe grids
  • Power and preheat indicator lights
  • Upright storage design
  • Easy cleaning


  • Heats unevenly


BELLA (13991) Rotating Non-Stick Belgian Waffle Maker with Removable Drip Tray, Polished Stainless Steel

BELLA (13991) Rotating Non-Stick Belgian Waffle Maker with Removeable Drip Tray, Polished Stainless Steel

In contrast to other Waffle makers, the Bella rotating Waffle maker comes with 9 Browning settings that allow you to enjoy nine shades of waffles, and you can have the taste and color according to your desire. Also, the Bella waffle maker ensures the even cooking of waffles due to the rotation function.

The non-stick surface and removable drip tray of Bella rotating Waffle maker allow easy cleaning (from a soft cloth), and it keeps the better and crumbs from falling.

Unlike other Waffle makers, its rotating function is accompanied by an auto-lock and non-slip system. The auto-lock system holds the batter upright after pouring and locks it to prevent mace and spills.

Moreover, the folding handle allows you to store the Bella Waffle maker conveniently. Plus you can enjoy different recipes from the recipe book come with Bella Waffle maker box.


  • Folding handle
  • Detachable power cord
  • Drip tray


  • No specific guarantee


Presto 03500 Belgian Waffle Bowl Maker

image named 10

The Presto is a 4-inch small waffle maker bake thick, fluffy and tender waffles. The bowl-shaped waffles made through this maker are even tender from inside. You can use either ready to make waffle mixes from the market or traditional homemade recipes.

The presto bowl Waffle maker makes breakfast, dessert, and lunch extraordinary taking them to a new level. You can also make chicken tacos by using a presto bowl waffle maker.

In contrast to other Waffle makers, the processing and using of the presto bowl Waffle maker is easy and simple. It requires simple pouring of batter then closing of the lid. In a matter of minutes, the waffles get baked and ready to eat. The non-stick surface inside the presto bowl waffle maker allows easy removal of waffles and ensures easy cleaning of the non-stick presto bowl.


  • Make more thick waffles
  • Easy processing


  • Some people might don’t like thick waffles



There is no doubt that waffles are a great way to start the day. We all are so busy in our lives that we have forgotten to smile and treat ourselves to better breakfasts.

After looking at the best and popular Waffle makers in 2020, choose the right Waffle maker for yourself so, that it can put a smile on your face when you open its lid in the morning and find a perfectly baked waffle.


By Rachel Ryan