Best Pour-Over Coffee Maker – 2023 Reviews and Top Picks

Coffee is not just a tempting, piping hot drink loved and preferred by many, but often, the best thing to start the day with. And a good start can have a great impact on how the rest of the day goes. Whether you love Java Arabica, Joe’s or Tanzania Peaberry, these pour over coffee makers will always make it fresh, pure and just the way you want your coffee to be, every time!

So wake up and surround yourself in the rich aroma that will revitalize your senses and give you a head start! Here we’ve compiled a list of five of the best pour over coffee makers that will give you a strong, amazing and just perfect cup of coffee every morning!

At a Glance: Our Choices for the Best Pour over Coffee Maker

Amazingly priced almost about the price of a cup of coffee at a cafe, the Melitta Coffee Maker, 6 Cup Pour-Over Brewer with Glass Carafe is a small wonder in the world of coffee makers. You can make up to 6 hot, brewing cups of coffee fast and easy with the unit and it will stay hot to your liking for hours. A reliable and quality coffee maker that will have your coffee warm and right up to your taste – whenever you want!

You just wouldn’t be able to get your eyes off the Chemex 8-Cup Classic Series Glass Coffeemaker! With a classy glass design, this pour over coffee maker looks aesthetically beautiful whether you keep it in your office or kitchen. The double bonded filters ensure you get the superb taste and clear coffee every time.

Also, take a look at this marvelous Coffee Gator Pour-Over Coffee Maker! The coffee maker comes with the steel filter that ensures you get the top flavor and quality coffee in your cup. There are no extra absorbent paper filters here that may take away the essence of the coffee the avid coffee drinkers SO love.

The Hario V60 Ceramic Coffee Dripper is one of the traditional and widely loved dripper you may see at many cafés. The seemingly simple construction works rather efficiently and quickly than many of the other pour over coffee makers. The stream is quite fast and that often makes it the number one preference of many.

With a wide capacity the Bodum Coffee Maker, Pour Over Coffee Maker with Permanent Filter, Black Band, 34 Ounce can make up to 8 strong cups of coffee, perfect for your family or a small get together. The coffee maker is made from the robust borosilicate glass that makes it durable and lasting, unlike the other cheaper models.

2019’s Reviews of the Best Pour over Coffee Maker

#Coffee MakerMaterialNumber of CupsCompatible Filters
1Melitta Coffee MakerPlastic/Glass6Melitta Paper filters – size 4
2Chemex 8-Cup Classic Series Glass CoffeemakerGlass8Chemex Double bonded filters
3Coffee Gator Pour-Over Coffee MakerGlass3Reusable Steel Filter
4Hario V60 Ceramic Coffee DripperCeramic/Glass/Plastic/Metal4Hario V60 Paper Filters Size 2
5Bodum Coffee MakerBorosilicate glass8Stainless steel mesh filter

#1 Melitta Coffee Maker, 6 Cup Pour-Over Brewer with Glass Carafe

image named 71gppriQglL. AC SL1500

The Melitta Coffee Maker comes with a glass Carafe to give your coffee a kink in taste. You can have a get-together, a coffee morning at work with your colleagues or brew your favorite brand at home for the family, with 6 hot cups ready in an instant.

The coffee maker is compatible with the Melitta filters (size 4) you can easily find the same all over the markets. In fact, the appliance comes with 5 filters, a coffee scoop and cone drip brewer all included in the package.

You can also control the water flow, temperature and grinding of beans to get the perfect brew blend always! Sleek, black and extremely handy at just 1.21 lbs, the unit is really easy to clean and use; its also dishwasher safe.

It may not be one very appealing model, but it does work amazingly to give you the best blend that will get you up and running for the day. Your coffee stays hot for hours, thanks to the super insulative coating. Plus, at such a low price, this quality coffee maker is a wonder-deal indeed.


  • Very easy to use.
  • High-quality Melitta coffee maker.
  • Brews tasty and amazing coffee.
  • Clean up is easy.


  • Not a very appealing in looks.
  • Uses paper filters only.
  • The coffee stream is rather slow.

#2 Chemex 8-Cup Classic Series Glass Coffeemaker

Chemex Classic Series Coffeemaker | Seattle Coffee Gear

Now here’s one classic beauty! The all glass Chemex coffee maker makes the art of coffee making even more fascinating and alluring. So, even if you haven’t tried brewing coffee before, you would so want to try it yourself!

The portable 1.6 lbs unit can make up to 8 cups of amazing warm coffee for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

Stylish and classy yet with a traditional touch the pour over coffee maker comes with a wooden collar, bound around with a leather tie. The collar makes gripping and pouring easier, also adding to the appeal.

Although the unit may seem rather simple, the glass construction gives you a complete view of whatever’s happening inside. Keep it on your kitchen counter at home or at the office, and enjoy the sensational aroma of your favorite coffee.

Very popular amongst the coffee fanatics, it gives you the right flavor of your favorite blend. In fact, to enhance the flavor, the coffee moves rather slowly so that you can get a nice saturation and all the flavor inside.

The unit is compatible with the Chemex double bonded filters that leave clean and clear coffee in your cup.


  • No oils make it to the cup.
  • Aesthetically beautiful and stylish.
  • Can make up to 8 cups of coffee.
  • Makes clear and tasteful coffee.


  • Brewing takes time.
  • Filters are expensive.
  • The glass material is extremely fragile.

#3 Coffee Gator Pour-Over Coffee Maker Pour Over Coffee Maker - Great Coffee Made Simple - 3 ...

This coffee Gator knows how to make coffee like those baristas! By taking water in slowly it lets it get the best of the flavors to make amazing java. The glass built pour over coffee maker is quite appealing wherever you prefer to place it.

The unit comes with a laser cut steel filter that is the best for getting all the aromatic oils inside your cup, keeping it fresh and natural, unlike the disposable paper filters that take it all away. Now you won’t have to, it is for the compatibility or go looking for the paper filters that often run out of your closest mart.

You can make up to 3 cups of steaming hot coffee for your colleagues or family every day and rest assured clean up is quite easy too! Also, there’s a stay cool tab to protect your hands from the heat while taking the filter out once the hot coffee has made it through.

The unit weighs about 14.4 ounces and can easily be kept anywhere you like to have your coffee. A perfect way to get your coffee-avert friends to get started too; they won’t be able to resist the rich aroma and taste!


  • No paper filters needed!
  • Reusable steel filter included.
  • The stay-cool tab for the filter keeps the hands safe from burns.
  • Gives you the complete flavor.
  • Has a side handle for easy hold.
  • Looks great!


  • Not good for the whole family; makes only three cups.
  • Fragile glass material.

#4 Hario V60 Ceramic Coffee Dripper

image named 613bwqFLplL. AC SL1000

The Hario V60 is quite popular in the markets these days. With the Japanese quality construction, the dripper gives you complete control over the temperature and stream, so you can brew your coffee just as you desire.

The ceramic construction makes it rather strong, durable and gives you up to three cups of rich, naturally flavored coffee at any time of the day or night! Ceramic material also keeps the steam locked in, keeping it perfectly hot for you.

The V60 paper/cloth filters can be used with the dripper – the size 2 is compatible with the unit and is easily available at all major stores. These filters are also believed to be the thinnest in the markets, so you can get the rich and enhanced flavor. There is a very little absorption of oils and other vital aroma enhancers in these, unlike the other paper filters.

Plus the conical shape makes extraction easier and better; you get clear coffee, but with the vital oils.

You can choose from the available glass, plastic, ceramic and even metal models, as per your liking. The glass, however, is quite strong and durable in the Hario V60. You will, however, need to buy a gooseneck kettle and a grinder to go with your dripper.


  • Thin filters give you flavor rich coffee.
  • Fast flow rate.
  • High-quality construction.
  • Available in ceramic, glass, plastic and metal construction.


  • You need the right equipment and expertise to get your coffee right.
  • V60 filters may only be found at online stores like

#5 Bodum Coffee Maker, Pour Over Coffee Maker with Permanent Filter

image named 51EjKg6vAIL. AC SL1200

Sit back and let the Bodum Coffee Maker brew that energizing cup of coffee for you. The unit includes a stainless steel, mesh filter that gives you the raw, vitalizing flavor in every sip. No need to look for the paper filters either. Just put the ground coffee on to the filter and pour hot water slowly and let it go through the filter, into your cup.

The outer construction is all borosilicate glass, that is durable, strong, heat-resistant and adds to the appeal of your coffee maker. So, it’s almost shatter-proof – any minor fall won’t lead to breakage. You can select from ten different color options just according to your style and preference.

It takes just about 3-4 minutes to get that nicely flavored, hot and fresh coffee ready. Also, it’s dishwasher safe – no need worrying about washing and cleaning up this one!


  • Can make up to 8 cups of coffee.
  • Various color options.
  • Includes the metal filter.
  • Made from the strong borosilicate glass.


  • Some of the finer particles may make their way to the cup.
  • No scale in the carafe.

Pour Over Coffee Makers – Why Should You Buy One?

If you love coffee and are on the look for an easy, fast and wastage-free method for brewing the perfect cup every time, you need to look at these pour over coffee makers. Not just easy to use, these are really easy to maintain and give you the same classic, rich and strong taste with every sip!

What Are Pour over Coffee Makers?

At the first glance, many of these coffee makers may seem like conical units placed on top of the coffee cup. The sight itself is so fascinating that one can’t help but stare. And that’s only the start. These small wonders can give you the perfectly brewed coffee with everything balanced, just as per your liking, with every cup!

While you will find dozens of these easily available in the markets today, choosing the right one may be dependent on a number of factors. Let’s go through some basic factors that will help you make the right choice.

Factors to Look for in the Pour over Coffee Makers



The best part about getting a glass coffee maker is that it does not impact the flavor of coffee in any way. Plus, it also keeps the coffee warm and well-insulated to keep it piping hot for you, all the while being fascinating to watch all that’s going on inside.


Plastic is lighter, usually not breakable like glass and ceramic, but it’s not chemical free. In fact, many today prohibit the use of plastic materials in the kitchen. Adding hot beverages or food could lead to harmful chemicals being released into your food or drinks.


Ceramic comes next after glass, as it too does not affect the actual taste of the coffee. It is tougher than glass and often thicker and better insulated. However, the only down side is that you cannot see the inside and the coffee may leave off stains on the ceramic.


Metal is very durable and light in weight. It may not keep the drink hot for long and may also give your coffee a sort of a metallic feel.



While the paper filters may cost considerably less, but they are disposable and may often don’t let you enjoy the actual taste. They do give you a nice extraction and good brew but may be extra absorbent, absorbing those coffee oils and keeping them from reaching your cup.

Stainless Steel

The Stainless steel filters are a more expensive (keep a margin of over $50), but they will last you for a long time. You will get the exact flavor in your cup with these, but finding the right one for your coffee maker may be a hassle. Cleaning after each use is another thing you need to be mindful every day.

Insulated Models

If you are not an avid one-time coffee fan and love to have a sip or two through the day, look for the coffee makers that come with insulated flasks or mugs. These help keep it warm all day for you so, your coffee is piping hot whenever you want!

Automated Start

If you don’t feel like getting up early in the morning to brew that cup, look for a model that comes with an automatic start button. Just fill it up and set it at night and in the morning just press the ‘On’ switch and you are good to go!

Serving Size

These coffee makers are available in various sizes. Choosing the right size for your needs will make the right proportion for you so you won’t have to throw away your favorite blend or forcibly gulp down another mug!

You can buy the single serve coffee makers if you just need one for yourself or the ones that have a larger capacity if you have other coffee lovers around you.

Other Accessories

Other accessories you can use with your coffee maker, to make your cup perfect every time are:

  • Filters
  • Drip Kettle.
  • Grinder
  • And the stand.

Other Features

Some of these coffee makers have some exciting features too that help you get the right taste and blend of coffee. These include:

  • Brew controller.
  • Grinder
  • Self-cleaning function.
  • A water filter, etc.

Some Essential Tips to Get Your Coffee Right – Every time

Make sure you use a gooseneck kettle with a spout. This will keep it safe from spills and pouring will be easy.

Invest some time in learning how Pour over coffee makers work. You can easily go through a few videos on YouTube like this one.


So while the pour over coffee makers have set the recent trend for making your favorite coffee easily and right as per your desire, finding the right one may not be easy. However just think through some of these factors we have discussed above and you will easily find the best coffee maker for your home or office.

With the pour over coffee makers, make the art of brewing simple yet intriguing, every day and take a fresh start every morning.

Keep smiling and brewing!