Best Home Storage Products for 2023

There’s no perfect time to clean and organize your things at home, these storage products will make it easier to organize any time. It is essential to keep everything spotless and sanitized. One way of doing it is by conducting a thorough clean-up of your dwelling in all rooms.

Place them in storage boxes or spaces and label them accordingly. In this way, you’re keeping things in order, clutter-free, and clean. Thus, bacteria, germs, or viruses will not dwell in your house.

With that said, you can find a handful of best home storage solutions for 2020 enumerated below from the highest to lowest price.

Top 12 Best Home Storage Solutions for 2020

All twelve (12) products mentioned below have Free Shipping in the US and are bestsellers in Amazon with the highest reviews and 4.5 and above rating.

Keter Novel Plastic Deck Storage Container Box Outdoor Patio Furniture 90 Gal, Brown

Keter Novel Plastic Deck Storage Container Box Outdoor Patio Furniture 90 Gal

This gorgeous storage box by KETER comes in handy and is multifunctional. With its spacious container and large size, it can fit a lot of things, and you can even use it as extra seating in your patio, or when you’re out for camping.

It is durable and can withstand any weather due to its material construction, which is polypropylene resin plastic.



  • Resistance feature from denting, fading, peeling, and rusting
  • Weather-resistant
  • Durable and versatile storage container
  • Secure lock lid
  • Extra seating of up to 485-lb weight capacity

You can place it in your patio as a storage box for your furniture cushions and extra seating. It’s portable for outing or camping. The dimensions of this container are as follows:

  • Interior – 45.3” x 19” x 22.3”
  • Exterior – 49.2” x 21.6” x 24.8”


ClosetMaid 4176 Cubeicals Organizer, 6-Cube, Birch

ClosetMaid 4176 Cubeicals Organizer 

Are you looking for a dainty and multipurpose storage solution for some of the things that you need most often? This 4176 Cubeicals organizer from ClosetMaid is perfect for you. It comes with six (6) spacious-enough cubes to hold some of the items that you frequently used.


  • Quite a lot of room for storage space
  • Easy to assemble
  • Fine wood material construction
  • Environment-friendly
  • Spacious and flawless

You can use it as a book organizer, or you can place your trophies and picture frames in each of the six spaces. It’s also perfect for kid’s stuff, such as books and toys. The measurements of this rack are 35.875” x 24.125” x 11.625” with each cube measuring 11.25” x 11.25” x 11.75” in dimension.

Most of all, it’s up to the US quality standards, including its eco-friendly compliant certificate in regard to the Toxic Substances Control Act. While the plastic container by KETER comes handy, this 6-cube ClosetMaid organizer is ideal for indoor usage.

AmazonBasics 4-Shelf Adjustable, Heavy Duty Storage Shelving Unit (350 lbs loading capacity per shelf), Steel Organizer Wire Rack, Black (36L x 14W x 54H)

Heavy Duty Storage Shelving

 This 4-shelf unit is ideal for garage, kitchen, and office storage solutions. Each layer can hold up to 350-lb weight capacity, as long as evenly distributed or arrange, with a total maximum load of 1400 pounds for its four shelves.


  • Multipurpose
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Ample space
  • Can hold things as heavy as a gorilla
  • Adjustable wire shelves

In terms of space of storage, this 4-shelf adjustable shelf from AmazonBasics is more spacious and more functional than the ClosetMaid 6-cube organizer. However, it is not portable like the KETER container.

The black-coated chrome steel construction is stronger than it looks. You can adjust the leveling feet and can place hefty objects on each shelf or layer, whether they’re kitchenware or tools. The product measures 36” x 14” x 54” in dimensions. Its smooth, black color exudes class. Thus, it is also suitable for office use.


DEWALT TSTAK Tool Storage Organizer, Double Drawers (DWST17804)

DEWALT TSTAK Tool Storage Organizer, Double Drawers

Unlike the AmazonBasics 4-shelf organizer, this storage solution by DEWALT is dedicated particularly to heavy tools. It’s easy to carry around like the container from KETER. However, you can’t use it for your patio’s furniture cushions storage or for outing purposes.


  • Top grade quality for tools’ storage solution
  • Flexible platform feature
  • Stackable
  • Removable dividers
  • Durable side latches
  • Bi-material handle that makes it easy to lift
  • Industrial-strength
  • Ball-bearing slides for easy pull and push
  • Heavy-duty metal hinges and latches

With DEWALT TSTAK organizer, you can stack, store, and organize your car tools and any other tools, but not other things, which is in contrary to the first three storage solution brands mentioned above.

You can’t place anything in the storage spaces in this double-drawer organizer except for tools. When you buy more of this product, you can stack it on top of each other.

SONGMICS Cube Storage Organizer, 6-Cube Closet Storage Shelves, DIY Plastic Closet Cabinet, Modular Bookcase, Storage Shelving for Bedroom, Living room , Office, Black with Rubber Hammer Black ULPC06H

SONGMICS Cube Storage Organizer, 6-Cube Closet Storage Shelves, DIY Plastic Closet Cabinet, Modular Bookcase, Storage Shelving for Bedroom, Living room

Comparable to the 6-cube shelf organizer crafted by ClosetMaid, but differ in style, color, and material construction. This rubber hammer black storage by SONGMICS comes with pp plastic sheets that are held firmly by a sturdy abs plastic connectors and metal wireframe


  • Stylish black color
  • Chic design
  • Extremely easy to assemble
  • Multifunctional
  • Can be assembled to different shapes

Unlike with the fixed feature of the wood material construction of the 6-cube shelf by ClosetMaid, this storage solution is flexible. It is simple and light in weight. Hence, it is extremely easy to transform it into many different shapes or styles.

Owing to its multifunctional design, it comes with many uses. You can have it as a storage shelf for your bags, clothes, shoes, and toiletries, among many others. It is the same with the 4-shelf unit from AmazonBasics except for its material construction and weight load.

While the 4-shelf unit can carry up to 350-lb of things on every shelf, this organizer can only handle a maximum of ten pounds.

Rubbermaid 5A47 30 Tool Corner Tool Rack 

Rubbermaid 5A47 30 Tool Corner Tool Rack

Like the DEWALT TSTAK, this rack from Rubbermaid is also a tool storage solution. However, instead of screws and other mechanical devices, 5A47 30 tool corner is for those tools that have rod handles.


  • Longer handle storage solution
  • Can hold thirty (30) tools
  • Can be a garden tool rack, or as a cleaning services holder
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to move

It is nothing like the other four storage solutions mentioned earlier from brands, such as KETER, ClosetMaid, AmazonBasics, and SONGMICS. You can’t use it for keeping other stuff other than the rod holder tools.

Rubbermaid created this extremely helpful storage to maximize the available space in the house. So, instead of putting the mops or brooms anywhere in the house, you can now secure them nicely and neatly in this tool rack, giving your house more extra space.




Posprica Foldable Storage Bins,11×11 Fabric Storage Boxes Drawers Cubes Container, Thick and Heavy Duty Organizer Baskets – 4pcs, Sliver Grey

Fabric Storage Boxes Drawers Cubes Container

 Another set of storage bins is this 11” x 11” x 11” fabric boxes from Posprica. It comes with a high-class thick Burlap and quality metal handles, giving you stylish storage solution and easy access organizing them by piling them up in the 6-cube shelf by ClosetMaid or the 4-layer shelves by AmazonBasics.


  • High-quality baskets
  • Thicker than the normal cube containers
  • Heavy-duty storage cube solution
  • Foldable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Classy and stylish design

These gorgeous silver grey boxes come with an elegant finish from the shiny, flawless metal handles to the Burlap construction. Most of all, they have no chemical additives, making them environmentally friendly materials.

They are multifunctional. You can fold each box to fit into a shelf or other containers. They can be a storage box for your folders at work or books at school. You can also use each of the four boxes as a storage solution at home for some of your stuff.

3 Pack Sturdy Stackable Storage Bins Box, Odorless PE Coated Storage Container Set, Durable Handles Solid Bottom High Carbon Steel Frame for Clothes, Bedding – Clear Window with Zipper, Gray/Small

Stackable Storage Bins Box

Like the Posprica foldable boxes, these 3-pack stackable bins from HOUSE AGAIN is an exciting addition to your storage solution. Each pack comes with a strong or sturdy construction with transparent zipper-style front features for easy viewing and access.

You don’t have to open the entire storage to see what’s inside. Hence, it is ideal as an additional container for your clothes.


  • Advanced eco-friendly materials
  • Best value set
  • Stackable and foldable
  • Multiple organizer boxes
  • Easy to assemble
  • Moisture-proof
  • Dust-proof
  • Moth or insect-proof
  • Dainty zipper closure

With these three bins, you already have additional wardrobe storage. Each of the boxes has a large opening and clear window panel design, giving you easy and full access to taking things in and out. And with the PE coating material construction, there’s no toxic chemical smell. Each box is environment-friendly.

It measures 17 x 13 x 10 inches dimensions, so you can place it on the shelves mentioned above or put it under your bed for a storage solution, saving you space and comfort.

Simple Houseware 3-Tier Closet Storage with 2 Drawers, Beige

Simple Houseware Closet Storage with Drawers

Simple Houseware neatly crafted a closet organizer shelf, which provides spaces for storage boxes like the Posprica foldable cubes and HOUSE AGAIN bins. It comes in two-layer shelves to organize your shoes, clothes, toys, books, and a whole lot more.


  • Elegant classic white finish
  • Included two collapsible cubes for more storage
  • Two-layer shelves

Aside from the two shelves, you will also get two extra collapsible bins to keep things cleaner, tidier, and more organized. So, if you have things that you rarely used at home, you can use this as an extra storage solution.

Its dimensions are 31.25 x 28.25 x 12.25 inches for the two-layer shelf, while the bin has 14.35 x 9.7 x 9.5 inches in measurements. You can have it in your patio, doorway, room, or even in the office. That’s how multifunctional it is. If the 6-cube or the 4-shelf isn’t the perfect solution for you, you can have this storage shelf plus its two bins.

Home- It Mop and Broom Holder, 5 Position with 6 Hooks Garage Storage Holds up to 11 Tools, Storage Solutions for Broom Holders, Garage Storage Systems Broom Organizer for Garage Shelving Ideas

Storage Solutions for Broom Holders

 If the Rubbermaid tool rack doesn’t suit your style, then you can opt for the Home-it tool holder. Instead of placing the rod handles of the tools in the holes of the tool rack, you are simply clipping each item in this storage solution.


  • Two-color option, gray or off white
  • Compact and durable
  • Saves space
  • Mountable to walls
  • Neat cleaning services tools organizer
  • Automatically adjustable rolling balls
  • Secure grips
  • Easy release of tools

It comes with superior quality materials with 2.5 x 17 x 3.1 inches in dimensions. So, if you want to save your home or office space, this tool rack is perfect for you. It won’t occupy your limited home area because you will only have to mount it.

You can simply put a mop in the clip without any hassle and remove it freely. Every ball clips can hold up to seven and a half pounds of weight load.



Simple Houseware 3 Pack Foldable Closet Organizer Clothing Storage Box with Clear Window, Brown

Simple Houseware Foldable Closet

Simple Houseware is giving you larger storage bins with its 3-pack foldable closet organizer storage boxes. It’s bigger than that of HOUSE AGAIN. Nevertheless, the package comes with the same features.


  • Three sets of larger fabric storage bins
  • Lightweight material
  • Easy to move and pile-up
  • Easy to use
  • Rigid sides for keeping the bin’s shape
  • Easy to place your stuff
  • Foldable
  • Dust-free
  • Mold-free

You can use this 3-pack foldable closet organizer storage to store seasonal clothing, so you can protect it from wearing off. They can also come in handy as your additional linen container.

It’s also perfect for outing or camping. The color matches that of the KETER storage container. It’s big but not that bulky as it measures only 19 x 14 x 8 inches in dimensions.

Each box also comes with strong zipper closure, and all three are dust-free and mold-free. So, you are certain that your clothes or stuff are in perfect shape. The whole front area of the boxes are clear, so you can see what’s inside each box without the need to open everything when you need something.

Design House Hardware 206045 Adjustable Closet Rod 30-48″, Polished Chrome, 30″-48″

House Hardware Adjustable Closet Rod

Down to number twelve is this adjustable closet rod from the Design House. If you have that extra space in your wardrobe area, you can get these polished chrome bars or rods to attach and hang clothes. In this way, every area of your closet serves a function. Thus, giving you extra storage space.


  • Can best fit closet space
  • Steel construction
  • Strong and durable
  • Adjustable

You can adjust the rod to fit your closet space from thirty to forty-eight inches. The steel construction comes in sturdy and durable. Included in the package is the mounting hardware to attach it in your closet.

Now, with this adjustable closet rod, you are saving up space while getting additional storage area. You can hang your easily-wrinkled clothes. It’s like you’re always ready to go anywhere without exerting much time and effort in choosing your clothes.

Lastly, you don’t have to spend more on your electricity bill because there’s nothing to iron. It’s like you’re hitting many birds in one stone.


Altogether, it is evident that each of the products listed above is among the many best home storage solutions that are up for you to grab this 2020. With the pandemic, it is with utmost importance to keep your dwelling place a safe haven, free any form of germs or virus.

And you can do that by cleaning and arranging everything with the use of these home storage solutions. So, whether it is a container for your patio’s furniture cushions or shelves for your books and other files, there’s always something for you to get.


By Rachel Ryan