91 Design Ideas For Casual And Formal Living Rooms

91 Designs For Casual and Formal Living Rooms-title

The center of every home is the living room – it’s the place where you gather with family on a daily basis, and it’s the place where you entertain your friends on special occasions. Depending upon the home you have and the kind of mood you’re trying to evoke within that home, you may decide to go for a more formal living room or a more casual one. That decision is, of course, up to you!

However, regardless of which route you go, there are different things that you’ll need to think about in terms of designing your living room. In this post, we’re going to be examining different examples of both formal and casual living rooms on an alternating basis. With each example, we’ll highlight an interesting design feature of the room, helping you to identify the things you’ll want to pay attention to with your own casual or formal living room.

Make no mistake; designing a beautiful casual or formal dining room is tough work. However if you have enough inspiration and a bank of design concepts you like to draw upon, you’ll find things are far easier than they would be otherwise. So, come take a look at these 91 designs for casual and formal living rooms!

1. Beige

91 Designs For Casual and Formal Living Rooms-1

Plush furniture and a beige color scheme helps to keep the feeling of this living room thoroughly casual.

2. White and Gold

91 Designs For Casual and Formal Living Rooms-2

Whit and gold come together in order to create the formal vibe for this stunningly framed living room.

3. Charming

91 Designs For Casual and Formal Living Rooms-3

The charming use of various patterns and colors lend a charming vibe to this casual living room design.

4. Floor To Ceiling

91 Designs For Casual and Formal Living Rooms-4a

The two floor to ceiling mirrors that flank this stunning formal dining room add a sense of drama to the space.

5. Area Rug

91 Designs For Casual and Formal Living Rooms-5

The plush brown area rug really ups the comfort level of this casual yet contemporary living room design.