81 Absolutely Amazing Wood Kitchen Designs

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When it comes to designing a kitchen, there’s one material that you’re going to see more than any other: wood. Of course, that’s just a matter of practicality. Even the most modern cabinetry is built out of wood, after all. But, that’s not the reason why wood is so popular! It has to do with its singular look, the lush grains that it has, and – of course – the amazing things that can be done with stains light and dark.

More likely than not, you’re considering incorporating a lot of natural wood into any kitchen design you’re considering. That’s why we’ve decided to collect these 81 amazing examples of wood kitchen designs. We’ve included ones that adopt the rustic style with equal regularity as those that are more modern and contemporary. The split makes sense, when you consider that wood is, perhaps the most versatile material there is, especially when it comes to home design.

So, if you’re thinking about redesigning your kitchen, or if you’re planning an entirely new one from scratch, then take a look! These absolutely stunning wood kitchen designs will leave you completely floored, and you’re sure to find plenty of inspiration for an amazing design of your own!

1. Striking Island

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In order to create its signature look, this kitchen design uses a dark wood island to contrast the antiqued cabinets around it.

2. Tile Backsplash

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This amazing wood kitchen design strikes a balance. The hardware is modern, but the selection of the brick tile backsplash is not.

3. Wood Island Countertop

Arts and Crafts Style Kitchen --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

This is one smart-looking kitchen! But, what really makes the entire design is the oversized wood countertop on the island.

4. Modern Polish

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With shiny wooden cabin fronts accented by black sides and granite, this kitchen design has a polished and modern look.

5. Desk

81 Absolutely Amazing Wood Kitchen Designs-5

This amazing wood kitchen design is obviously gorgeous, but the built-in desk is the design touch you should be paying attention to.