72 Luxurious Custom Kitchen Island Designs

56. New Shapes

Luxury kitchen with custom cabinetry and granite countertops.

This beautiful custom kitchen island perfectly demonstrates that you don’t have to stick to a boring old rectangle when it comes to shape.

57. Bar Table

72 Luxurious Custom Kitchen Island Designs-57

Adding a bar table to the construction of this custom kitchen island was a unique and rewarding choice.

58. With The Hood

72 Luxurious Custom Kitchen Island Designs-58

You’ll see this design choice often. It’s one where the color of the custom kitchen island is tied to the color of the range’s hood.

59. Extension

72 Luxurious Custom Kitchen Island Designs-59

Extending out from the range and with hanging lights above it, this custom kitchen island defines the space.

60. Two Tones

customer supplied 'DSC_1624.tif' from CD 'Hampton showhome' 28398_638_C08, old job 28398, 30393_650_L01

With a stretch of granite countertop in the middle, this custom island is planked by full wooden ends.