72 Luxurious Custom Kitchen Island Designs

72 Luxurious Custom Kitchen Island Designs-title

Maybe there was a day when the kitchen island wasn’t an important part of kitchen design… But we doubt it! It doesn’t matter what kind of kitchen you’re talking about, people want islands, and they especially want completely custom and luxurious ones.

Now, you may just think of a kitchen island as extra counter space, but you should give the island more credit. With a properly design, conceived and executed custom kitchen island, you can get a lot more mileage out of your kitchen than you might expect. For example, if you’re a person that likes to drink a lot of fine wines, then why not include an attractive (and convenient) wine rack in your custom kitchen island? In fact, why keep your appliances only underneath the wall counters? Why not put them in a custom kitchen island?

Really, we’ve only touched the very tip of the iceberg when it comes to the possibilities for custom kitchen islands! So, if you’re thinking about installing one in your kitchen, or if you’re designing a kitchen for an entirely new home, sit up and take notice! You’re going to be impressed and inspired by the custom kitchen islands that follow!

1. Home On The Range

72 Luxurious Custom Kitchen Island Designs-1

While many will prefer to have their range on their regular countertops, there’s something to be said for putting it on your custom island.

2. Two Counters

72 Luxurious Custom Kitchen Island Designs-2

This massive green kitchen island features two countertops of different heights, one made of wood and the other of granite.

3. Belly-Up

72 Luxurious Custom Kitchen Island Designs-3

The two-tiered design of this custom kitchen island allows people to belly up to the bar while the chef is at work.

4. Drinkers Beware

72 Luxurious Custom Kitchen Island Designs-4

If you love adult beverages, you may never get away from this amazing kitchen island, which features a wine chiller and liquor cabinets.

5. Baker’s Dream

72 Luxurious Custom Kitchen Island Designs-5

If you’ve got an amateur baker in the home, you’ll appreciate having access to all of these bread drawers!