7 Stunning Before and After Home Renovations

6. Before – Backyard


A drab, dreary outdoor space and backyard that wouldn’t look much better in perfect weather.

6. After – Backyard


The end result is a significantly more appealing property, one that’s perfect for entertaining and outdoor living. The backyard now requires much less maintenance also.

7. Before – Exterior


In its day it would have been an eye-catching, highly sought-after property.

7. After – Exterior


The frontage has been completely remade, providing more exterior space as well as a more aesthetically appealing, traditional look with a warm, homely feel.

As you can see from these before and after renovation photos that showcase some of the many home renovation projects that we’ve carried out for residential clients across Northern Sydney, transforming your home from the ordinary (or the mundane) into the extraordinary is achievable and certainly something that’s well within the reach of all homeowners.

If you’d like to learn more about the first-class home renovation projects we provide or discuss your renovation ideas with a local home renovation specialist, give Addstyle a call today.

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