7 Stunning Before and After Home Renovations

3. Before – Bathroom Suite


A separate bath and shower in a bathroom this size is never advisable. The layout, particularly the cabinet next to the bath, gives the overall space a cramped, confined feel.

3. After – Bathroom Suite


There’s now a feeling of openness and spaciousness throughout the room. Placing the cabinets and bath against the walls opens up the room, as does the white walls and light-coloured/patterned tiles.

4. Before – Exterior


Another pleasant but unremarkable single-storey suburban home.

4. After – Exterior


Along with an additional storey creating so much extra space, the entire frontage has been transformed and given a more modern look.

5. Before – Kitchen


It’s a lovely open space with plenty of potential that’s in serious need of updating.

5. After – Kitchen


The upgrade has given it a modern, clean look with the rear walls providing excellent storage space at a range of heights. It now feels much more open and spacious throughout also.

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