7 Stunning Before and After Home Renovations


At Addstyle, we’ve carried out many home renovation projects of all sizes for residential clients across Western Australia. There are many advantages to renovating your home, either in its entirety or just a single room or area, like the bathroom, kitchen, living room or master bedroom, including increasing the value and aesthetic appeal of your property, creating more living space, updating old appliances, enhancing comfort, and many more.

Whether you’re in serious need of more space at home, have your heart set on a more modern kitchen, or you’re tired of your cramped and confined ‘walk-in’ wardrobe, these before and after photos should provide you with the motivation to get started on your renovation project.

1. Before – Walk in Closet


A cramped, unorganised walk-in wardrobe that underutilised wall space. Notice the single light bulb to illuminate the entire wardrobe interior.

1. After – Walk in Closet


We’ve opened the space right up to create a walk-in that’s smart, stylish and easily organised. See how the walls have been utilised to create more floor space in which to move around.

2. Before – Kitchen


It’s a pleasant kitchen area with lots of natural light but the kitchen appliances and cabinets are outdated and ugly and the rear wall could be used more astutely.

2. After – Kitchen


The appliances and cabinets have been updated with a smooth, modern look and there’s more bench and storage space throughout. The dark varnished floor is a very practical colour for kitchens and provides a great contrast with the white benches and walls.

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