7 Gorgeous Kitchen Befores and Afters

3. Greenmount


This project renovation design included taking out the dividing wall between the dining room and the kitchen, this allowed for great, wide open spaces and a much larger appearance. There is also much more room now for working, especially with the island, and storage space.


4. Fremantle


This was a newly purchased home by our client who wanted a much larger kitchen. The decision was made to incorporate the veranda behind the kitchen and extend the kitchen into that area. This allowed for us to provide a much larger room with bright windows and a nice island area.


5. Sorrento


This was actually a very large project that included knocking out many support walls as this was a two story house. Support ceiling beams were needed to be put in place where the walls were removed and another hurdle that had to be worked around was the lighting because the ceiling was actually concrete. A bulkhead was added to solve that problem. This redesign changed the whole look and feel of the interior of the house, going from the 70s to the 2010s in only a matter of days.


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