7 Gorgeous Kitchen Befores and Afters


If you are a homeowner or looking to purchase a new home, you will quickly realize that home renovations are somewhat commonplace, and can have a dramatic effect of the look and feel of your home. This is especially true of kitchen renovations, probably more than any other type of renovation. Kitchens built before the mid 90s were generally nowhere near the top of the list in terms of the looks and feel of the home as they are today. Kitchens used to be designed with the sole purpose of making food and sitting down in the dining room to eat. If you have a house built pre-1990, you home is probably in dire need for a kitchen remodel, and have a look for yourself, the results can be dramatic.

1. Mount Pleasant


This kitchen was a bit tricky but turned out great, the position of the new kitchen area was swapped with the dining room. This design was a much better use of the space and allowed for a far larger living area and made the interior of the house look bigger. The colors are quiet and and match just about everything.


2. South Perth


This client had preordered all of the kitchen appliances before contacting us to remodel, so the contractor had to get creative and build the kitchen around new appliances. The kitchen sizes are actually the same size, but they were able to make much better use of the space and passageways. This kitchen is very clean and modern and will provide a classy look for years to come.


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