7 Before and After Exteriors

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In terms of home improvement projects, folks are most often thinking about what’s on the inside of a home. However, it’s important that you strongly consider how your home looks on the outside, too! In fact, when it comes time to potentially sell your home, its curb appeal is going to go a long way toward determining your home’s selling price!

While your might think that a home exterior renovation project is going to be exceptionally involved, you may be mistaken. As you’ll see in some of the examples that follow, sometimes a little bit of change can go a long way. Even so, we’ve also got some before-and-after photos that show some major changes to some tired exteriors. In any event, here are seven before and after home exteriors that are sure to inspire your creativity!

1. BEFORE: The Quintessential 80s Ranch

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There was once a time when this home’s exterior would’ve been a real eye-catcher… Unfortunately, that time was three decades ago!

2. AFTER: Small Touches, Big Results

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Without completely remaking the face of this home, subtle touches are added that transform the look from 80s to something more contemporary.

3. BEFORE: Overgrown and Rundown

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With an overgrown front lawn and virtually no color to speak of on the exterior, this home looks positively rundown from the street.

4. AFTER: A Whole New Look

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The yellow paint is an instant eye-catcher, but it’s the other touches that do the heavy lifting. Most notably, the pergola over the front door creates an inviting atmosphere.