67 Gorgeous Family Room Interior Designs

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Interior design is incredibly complex – there’s a reason interior designers make so much money, of course! However, you don’t need to hire one in order to have a design concept for your home’s living spaces that you enjoy. You just need some examples to work from and some idea of what you hope to accomplish through your design choices.

In terms of interior design projects, you want to start with the rooms that are going to see the most traffic. In most homes, the room at the top of the list is going to be the family room. It’s where everyone gathers to watch television or to play a game, and it’s likely where you’ll be doing a great deal of entertaining when company is over. For this reason, we decided to collect this list of 67 family rooms that have absolutely gorgeous interior design.

Now, it’s important to note that not every family room is going to appeal to your sensibilities. That’s okay! Interior design is about finding your personality and reflecting that in the fabric, patterns, layouts and color schemes of your homes room.

So, take a look at what we’ve collected, and see if you can’t find bits of inspiration (or perhaps even an entire design) that might serve as a guide for the interior design of your own family room.

1. Comfort In Space

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Within in this open-concept living space, a plush and light-colored U-shaped couch creates a comfortable and attractive family room.

2. Balance

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In this cozy space, the interior design of this family room, which uses dark colors, wood and orange, creates a sense of intimacy.

3. Cherry and Neutral

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With the cherry cabinets flanking the stone fireplace, this family room’s interior design makes use of neutral colors to achieve balance.

4. Popping

67 Gorgeous Family Room Interior Designs-4

The black and white interior design of this family room finds its pop through the subtle use of bright colors in the throw pillows and elsewhere.

5. Know Your Focus

67 Gorgeous Family Room Interior Designs-5

The neutral colors used in the design of this living room draw your eye toward the beautiful ceiling as well as the cabinets.