62 Gorgeous Small Living Room Designs

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In many cases, the living room is going to form the very beating heart of your home. If your living room space is a little on the smaller side, you may be worried about striking the right tone and style for that space. Thankfully, we’re here to help.

As you’ll see in the examples that follow, designs for small living rooms are incredibly diverse, and there’s a great deal of choice available to you. In a nutshell, designing for such a space is all about balance. Since there’s not a lot of room to work with, you need to make smart choices that complement one another and that all work together in achieving the look and feel that you want.

Of course, you may prefer one style of décor to another. That’s why we’ve run the gamut in terms of style. On this list, you’ll find small living rooms that adopt a rustic style just the same as you’ll find ones that adopt a more modern and contemporary aesthetic.

In any event, if you’re designing a small living room, then you’ve come to the right place! Come take a tour with us of 62 gorgeous small living room designs! We’re sure you’ll find plenty of inspiration here.

1. Diversity

62 Gorgeous Small Living Room Designs-1

With a diversity of colors and patterns, this small living room achieves a cheerful and home-like vibe.

2. Bright Colors

62 Gorgeous Small Living Room Designs-2

Given the lack of windows, this small living room design uses bright colors to give the impression of natural light.

3. Cohesion

62 Gorgeous Small Living Room Designs-3

By matching the colors and patterns of the furniture to other design elements in the room (like the accent wall) this small living room achieve cohesion.

4. Modernity

62 Gorgeous Small Living Room Designs-4

Simple, boxy furniture and conservative color choices give this small living room a decidedly modern vibe.

5. Splashes

62 Gorgeous Small Living Room Designs-5

With light hardwood floors and predominantly light colors, this small living room design really allows small splashes of color to shine.