55 Kitchen Designs With Contemporary Style

26. Lush

55 Luxury Contemporary Kitchen Designs-26

While minimal like many contemporary kitchens, this design uses splashes of green in order to achieve a lush feel.

27. Shapes

55 Luxury Contemporary Kitchen Designs-27

Note the shape of the cabinets along the back of this kitchen – they really elevate the beauty of the design and increase the feeling of luxury.

28. All Black

55 Luxury Contemporary Kitchen Designs-28

Just as with an all-white kitchen, one that’s all-black needs a touch of color to avoid the feeling of sterility.

29. Globes55 Luxury Contemporary Kitchen Designs-29


Given that contemporary kitchen designs are typically boxy, you may wish to include globular lights to break things up.

30. In And Out

55 Luxury Contemporary Kitchen Designs-30

It’s awesome how the kitchen cabinets in this contemporary design extend out into the open-concept living space beyond.