55 Kitchen Designs With Contemporary Style

16. Doing Work

55 Luxury Contemporary Kitchen Designs-16

Check out how this contemporary kitchen design features an island with a sink on one side and a full range on the other.

17. Double L

Contemporary Modern Kitchen Inspiration

The two L-shaped islands in this contemporary kitchen allow for a maximum of workspace and would be perfect for a budding chef.

18. Concrete

55 Luxury Contemporary Kitchen Designs-18

As you can see here, concrete floors work exceptionally well for minimalist contemporary kitchen designs.

19. Shapely

55 Luxury Contemporary Kitchen Designs-19

A kitchen island that adopts a unique shape can offer a lot of visual charm to a boxy contemporary kitchen design.

20. Make A Splash

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The all-white look is common in contemporary kitchens, but it’s important that all that white be balanced with subtle splashes of color.