55 Kitchen Designs With Contemporary Style

11. Profile

55 Luxury Contemporary Kitchen Designs-11

If you’re dealing with high ceilings, you may consider not including wall cabinets in your design in order to preserve the sense of verticality.

12. White and Wood

55 Luxury Contemporary Kitchen Designs-12

The dark wood cabinets in the background along with the lighter hardwood floors work well with the white contemporary cabinets and countertops in this design.

13. Dip It Low

55 Luxury Contemporary Kitchen Designs-13

Another popular trend in contemporary luxury kitchens is the low-profile kitchen shelves, like you see floating in the middle and along the back in this example.

14. Two Tone

55 Luxury Contemporary Kitchen Designs-14

This example does a great job of balancing dark wood cabinets with white wall cabinets by using pristine white countertops.

15. Dark Island

55 Luxury Contemporary Kitchen Designs-15

The dark island is a popular kitchen feature – this contemporary design does it right by including that beautiful black and white countertop.