55 Kitchen Designs With Contemporary Style

51. Into The Space

55 Luxury Contemporary Kitchen Designs-51

The way that this kitchen design extends into the open-concept space is wonderful, as is the elevated shelf in the island.

52. Fire!

Sleek Kitchen
Photo credit: Skylights by Skyspan

The coolest addition to this awesome contemporary and luxurious kitchen is the fireplace at the far side of the room.

53. Blue

55 Luxury Contemporary Kitchen Designs-53

The blue walls in this design help to keep the space as bright and cheery as it is luxurious.

54. Classic Combo

55 Luxury Contemporary Kitchen Designs-54

One thing you should remember: you can incorporate the principles of contemporary design into a kitchen that adopts a classic style.

55. Make It Yours

55 Luxury Contemporary Kitchen Designs-55

Given that contemporary kitchens are frequently featured in open-concept homes, make sure you make the design yours and that it blends with the overall space.