55 Kitchen Designs With Contemporary Style

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It seems like yesterday that we were at the turn of the millennium, but now we’re fully into the 21st century. While some homeowners are still privileging the aesthetics and design principles of the last century (and the ones before that), just as many are updating their kitchens to keep up the modern times in which we live. This is the very reason that you’re seeing more and more contemporary kitchens throughout the world.

Now, you may have your own ideas about contemporary kitchen designs. You, for example, might think that because they’re generally so minimal that designing one will be easy-peasy. Well, we’re here to tell you that this is simply not the case.

While it’s true that contemporary kitchen designs are often minimal, this minimalism only makes the necessity of sound design decisions more necessary. Thankfully, to demonstrate just what we’re talking about, we’ve collected 55 examples of luxury contemporary kitchens for you. In these examples, you can see the sound principles of contemporary kitchen design at work, hopefully in a way that might guide the design of your own kitchen. So, if you’re looking to create a kitchen in this style for your home, we’d encourage you to take a look!

1. Extension

55 Luxury Contemporary Kitchen Designs-1

In this white contemporary kitchen design, the extended wood section of the island adds some much-needed vibrancy.

2. Understated

55 Luxury Contemporary Kitchen Designs-2

By using an abundance of untreated wood surfaces, this luxury contemporary kitchen achieves an understated vibe.

3. Grey Vibe

55 Luxury Contemporary Kitchen Designs-3

With grey cabinets and a contemporary backsplash, this kitchen design manages to achieve a professional vibe.

4. Glass Counter

55 Luxury Contemporary Kitchen Designs-4

While you don’t see it often in many other styles, the glass countertop – specifically for the island – can work well in a contemporary kitchen.

5. Another Way

55 Luxury Contemporary Kitchen Designs-5

If you don’t want your island’s countertop to be all glass, consider using it as an elevated portion, just like you see here.