55 Amazing Luxury Bathroom Designs

11. Got Lost

Master bath in luxury home with black step up bath

With mirrors all around, we have to imagine that it’s entirely possible to “get lost” in this luxury bathroom design.

12. Simplicity

55 Amazing Luxury Bathroom Designs-12

It’s important to remember that “luxury” doesn’t always mean “gaudy”, especially when it comes to bathrooms – which are all about functionality!

13. Ceiling

55 Amazing Luxury Bathroom Designs-13

If you’re fortunate enough to have high angled ceilings for your luxury bathroom, then we hope you make use of them like this bathroom does.

14. K.I.S.S. Rule

55 Amazing Luxury Bathroom Designs-14

Hey! Here’s another example of a luxury bathroom that understands simplicity is sometimes best.

15. Tile

55 Amazing Luxury Bathroom Designs-15

Another material that screams luxury for bathroom design is mosaic tile. Check out how well it’s used here.