55 Amazing Luxury Bathroom Designs

6. Dark and Wood

Australian Luxury bathroom with brown tiles and hardwood floor, focusing on a free standing bath. Clipping path around the windows and reflections in mirror/door.

Dark surfaces on the wall and light wood floors and cabinets add a sense of dimension to this beautiful and contemporary luxury bathroom.

7. An Island

55 Amazing Luxury Bathroom Designs-7

This luxury bathroom turns the idea of what a bathroom can be on its head! Check out the island that the tub is on.

8. Stone Floors

55 Amazing Luxury Bathroom Designs-8

In order to achieve a decidedly more dark and masculine vibe, this luxury bathroom uses stone floors with dark wood surfaces.

9. Levels

55 Amazing Luxury Bathroom Designs-9

Another way to make your luxury bathroom truly special is to incorporate multiple levels and elevations into the design.

10. Chandelier

55 Amazing Luxury Bathroom Designs-10

Naturally, incorporating a chandelier like this into your bathroom design is really going to up the luxury level.