54 Comfortable and Cozy Living Room Designs

54 Comfortable and Cozy Living Room Designs-title

At the end of a hard day, there’s one place to which you long to return, and that’s your living room. It’s the one place in your house where you’re free to put up your feet, pull out a book, and / or take a pre-dinner nap. If it’s cold outside, you can even switch on the fireplace to make yourself extra snug and warm!

And snugness and warmness is what we’re here to talk about, because we want to show you examples of living rooms that get coziness right. While a couch and a couple chairs might be all you think you need for your living room, you’ll discover that with smart design and a liberal application of style, you can transform a living room into something that’s truly exceptional.

On this list of 54 comfortable and cozy living room designs, you’ll see rooms that run the gamut in terms of style. While there are plenty that adopt a rustic or country aesthetic, there are just as many that apply coziness to a contemporary design aesthetic – something you may have thought was impossible, but is decidedly not!

So, come take a look at these cozy living room designs, and see if you can’t be inspired by what we’ve found. Hopefully you will be so inspired, and you’ll be able to make your living room not just a place to which you hope to return every day, but also a place you hope to never leave.

1. Spread Out

54 Comfortable and Cozy Living Room Designs-1

A large L-shaped couch paired with a plush white area rug offer all the comfort that’s need in this simple living room design.

2. Focus

54 Comfortable and Cozy Living Room Designs-2

If you have a fireplace in your living room, then you’ll want to make that the focus of your design.

3. Throwing It Around

54 Comfortable and Cozy Living Room Designs-3

Covering the furniture in your living room with throw pillows and blankets is a surefire way to up the comfort level… And the color!

4. Coastal Vibe

54 Comfortable and Cozy Living Room Designs-4

The large L-shaped wicker couch totally completes the coastal vibe of this delightful country living room design.