52 U-Shaped Kitchen Designs With Style

52 U Shaped Kitchen Designs With Style-title

Choosing the right layout for your kitchen can be incredibly difficult. You need to think not only of the aesthetic you’re going for, but also how you actually plan to use the space. However, if you don’t want to overcomplicate your thinking, you may find that it’s best to go with a tried-and-true layout. And, when it comes to tried-and-true layouts for kitchens, the U-shape is number one.

It makes sense when you think about it. A U-shaped kitchen allows you to keep everything in front of you. On one counter you can do all of your prep work, while the oven and range sit right behind you. However, just because a U-shaped kitchen makes laying out appliances easier, that doesn’t mean that achieving the aesthetic you want is any easier!

In the examples that follow, we’ll be taking a look at 52 beautiful U-shaped kitchen designs. Some of these designs will be for smaller kitchen spaces, and others will be for larger kitchens. Regardless of size, though, each example demonstrates sound design techniques that you can use in the conception of your own U-shaped kitchen. So come take a look, and get inspired by these stunning examples!

1. Center

52 U Shaped Kitchen Designs With Style-1

With countertops extended on both sides, the center of this U-shaped kitchen design is the range and oven.

2. Double Oven

52 U Shaped Kitchen Designs With Style-2

This kitchen design adopts the same layout as the last, except this time there’s a double oven and more space between the flanking countertops.

3. Efficient

52 U Shaped Kitchen Designs With Style-3

If you don’t have a lot of space for a kitchen, the U-shaped design can offer the most effective layout.

4. Across

52 U Shaped Kitchen Designs With Style-4

With plenty of open counter space across from the range and oven, there’s plenty of space to work in this small U-shaped kitchen.

5. Open-Concept

52 U Shaped Kitchen Designs With Style-5

If you have an open-concept home, then a U-shaped kitchen layout like this can work exceptionally well in terms of maximizing available space.