50 Ideas For Modern Living Room Design

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“Hey, we’re living in the 21st century now… So, what’s up with all of these “rustic” and “classic” interior designs, huh? Why don’t folks want to take a step forward and live in the modern world?”

If that sounds like something you’ve thought before, then we can tell you’re a fan of modern design. Perhaps you’re thinking of giving your home a makeover, turning it into something that looks like a home you’d see in one of those magazines.

If this is the case, you’re going to need some ideas for modern design! One of the most important rooms you’ll be giving the makeover to is of course your living room. In this list, you’re going to see 50 stunning examples of modern living room designs. Accompanying each example, we’ll be sharing some tips and ideas for how you can create the ultimate modern design for your own living room.

As you’ll see, modern design is all about an economy of material, a clean look with sharp lines, and the delicate balancing of color. If you need some help in any (or all) of these departments, then you’ve come to right place. Let’s take a look at 50 ideas for modern living room design!

1. Add Life

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Modern designs can sometimes feel sterile, so consider adding natural plants to your layout.

2. Add Color

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Black and white are typically the colors you’ll see in modern design. Built-in shelves, though, can give you the opportunity to include color through décor.

3. Another Way

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Another way to include color in a modern living room design is to pick one or two accent chairs.

4. Bang

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With unique light fixtures you can get a lot of bang for your modern living room design dollar.

5. More Spark

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Given that modern designs can sometimes feel austere, you may wish to add some spark – say, by example, through a bold area rug.