44 Custom Kitchens Of All Styles

26. High Up

44 Custom Kitchens Of All Styles-26

Check out how the tall thin doors of the cabinets in this custom kitchen help to accentuate the height of the space.

27. Unique Stools

44 Custom Kitchens Of All Styles-27

Why have free-standing stools, when you can actually hang your counter stools from the counter itself?

28. Brown Curtains

44 Custom Kitchens Of All Styles-28

With the greyish green walls, the brown curtains over the window work wonderfully in this contemporary custom kitchen.

29. Floating

44 Custom Kitchens Of All Styles-29

With under-cabinet and above-cabinet lights, this custom kitchen achieves the impression that the cabinets are actually floating in the air.

30. Lower Counters

Immagini 127

If you want to have lower than standard counters in your kitchen, then you’ll need to go the custom route.