43 Elegantly Decorated Living Rooms

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The living room is the very beating heart of your home. Sure, you spend a lot of time thinking about your kitchen, the powder room, and the master bedroom… But let’s face facts. When you invite people over to your home, whether they’re friend or family, they’re going to be spending the most time in the living room. That’s why it’s so important that this space reflect your personality, all while at the same time reflecting all of the principles of solid design… After all, you don’t want any of these people to think you have poor taste, right?

Well, we’re going to help you with the decoration of your living room. While we could give you a lot of advice, we think it’s far better to take a look at examples. The reason for this is simple. By looking at examples, you can see the full range of possibilities that are available to you. And that’s the best thing, because your living room is about you and your family, and you want to reflect your home and your own sensibilities in its design.

So, take a look at the examples we’ve collected, and judge for yourself which ones you love and which ones you don’t. When you get to the end, we’re sure you’ll have plenty of inspiration for a stunning living room design of your own.

1. Charmer

43 Elegantly Decorated Living Rooms-1

Large block candles and lush houseplants give this living room its signature and elegant vibe.

2. Purple

43 Elegantly Decorated Living Rooms-2

Against the white couch and the dark wood furniture, the purple area rug is a perfect choice for this elegant living room.

3. Off Center

43 Elegantly Decorated Living Rooms-3

While many will choose the square things off, you can do interesting things by setting your furniture at an angle in your living room.

4. Beige And Brown

43 Elegantly Decorated Living Rooms-4

In every element of this stunning living room, brown and beige tones are balanced beautifully with one another.

5. Green to Wicker

43 Elegantly Decorated Living Rooms-5

In order to create an inviting coastal vibe for this living room, wicker furniture is a balanced against white cushions with green accents.