43 Dining Room Ideas and Designs

Here’s an in-depth look at a number of beautiful dining room designs that range from classic and rustic to modern and contemporary, all featuring beautiful color schemes and décor choices.

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When it comes to dining room design, there are so many different elements to consider. At first, you’ll likely be thinking about the dining room table and the chairs that accompany it, but those are just the basics. When it comes to putting together a living room that has class and style, you’ll need to go much deeper than this.

In terms of establishing the tone for the design, you’ll naturally want to select the appropriate flooring material. Is your dining room one that needs hardwood, perhaps with a beautiful area rug? Or are you going to go for a contemporary dining room, in which tile or perhaps even concrete might be appropriate?

Wall colors and accents will be important, too. While many might prefer to play things conservatively when it comes to color, are you willing to take some risks here? With bold dining room wall colors, or even with a bold accent wall, a unique look can be achieved that your family and guests are sure to enjoy.

Aside from the above, there’s also dining room décor to consider. What kind of light fixture is going to become the capstone of your design? Do you even need a chandelier or other kind of light fixture at all? And what about side tables and wall art?

Below, we’re going to take an in-depth look at 43 different dining room designs, all of which adopt a style that’s uniquely their own. From contemporary to classic, from rustic to mid-century, these dining room designs run the gamut. Despite the differences in style, though, they all share one thing in common: each features sound design principles that can be incredibly instructive for devising your own dining room.

1. Open-Concept Dining Room with Wet Bar

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In this open-concept space, the dining room is situated directly next to the kitchen. Developing a sense of separation from the white kitchen at the back, the dining room features a beautiful but simple deeply stained wood table and white plush chairs with black legs. The dining room achieves visual harmony with the kitchen thanks to the white wet bar, which you can see at right up above.

2. Gorgeously Designed Dining Room with Excellent Décor Choices

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This dining room makes the unique choice of going for a square dining table instead of a rectangular one. However, the table is brought into beautiful harmony with the space thanks to the smart décor choices. Take a look at the area rug underneath, which features circular lines. This pattern suggests the wall mirror at left and also the piece of art that adorn the wall at right.

3. Simple and Open Dining Room with Beautiful Peach Wall Color

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If you’re looking to create a bright atmosphere within your dining room, then you’ll find a lot to love in the peach paint used for the walls here. They imbue the space with a subdued brightness, serving as a perfect complement to the dining room’s spacious layout. The crystal chandelier hanging over the dining room table creates as the visual interest this dining room needs, but the pieces of wall art are a deft design choice.

4. Symmetrical Dining Room Design with Storage Cabinets

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The high ceilings create a space for this dining room that’s quite grand and open. This means that filling the vertical space is of paramount importance. This dining room design does just that by including three identical storage cabinets along the back wall. Also, the hanging globe light fixtures help to add a natural spin to the overall design, which primarily features straight and not curved lines.