40 Pristine And White Home Kitchens

36. Wave

40 Pristine And White Home Kitchens-36

You can add some interest to an all-white kitchen by incorporating interesting lines into the layout and cabinets.

37. Lighting

40 Pristine And White Home Kitchens-37

Even with an all-white kitchen, smartly deploying lighting (as this kitchen does with its recessed lights) is vitally important.

38. Open Concept

White Kitchen Interior with Wooden Floor

Going for all-white cabinets with an open-concept kitchen is always a solid choice. Check out the chalkboard cabinets in this one, though!

39. Blocking

40 Pristine And White Home Kitchens-39

It’s hard not to be impressed with the way that natural wood has been used to block in this all-white kitchen design.

40. Make It Yours

40 Pristine And White Home Kitchens-40

Whether it’s all white or some other color, make sure that the design of your kitchen meets your needs and provides you with ample space to work.