40 Pristine And White Home Kitchens

Kitchen in luxury home with white cabinetry

When it comes to home remodeling projects, there can be no denying that kitchens are almost always at the top of homeowner’s lists. Many will forego getting the most out of every room in their house if it means they can have the kitchen of their dreams. It’s understandable; we all spend a lot of time in our kitchens, and more and more people are taking the culinary arts more seriously.

If you find yourself in this camp, you may be mulling over a new kitchen design of your own. While there are many different styles and color schemes that homeowners like yourself will consider, one of the most popular happens to be the white kitchen. Such kitchens just have that sleek look that people want, despite the fact that they’re a little bit harder to keep clean.

The cleanliness factor aside, white kitchens are always impressive. For those of you who think it will be the right color choice, we’ve collected 40 awesome examples of pristine and white home kitchens. You’ll see that there’s a lot that can be done, and that you’ll have great latitude when it comes to style and incorporating color accents. So, take a look and fine inspiration for your own white kitchen design!

1. Beige Accent

Beautiful Custom Kitchen Interior in a New House

In this beautiful white luxury kitchen, the beige walls provide a perfect contrast, keeping things from being to “samesy”.

2. Contrast

40 Pristine And White Home Kitchens-2

All white can be very garish. This effect can be combatted by adding natural wood to the design, as this kitchen does with its center island.

3. Black Stools

40 Pristine And White Home Kitchens-3

The black stools are the perfect touch with this white luxury kitchen with center island featuring a wood countertop.

4. Zebra Print

40 Pristine And White Home Kitchens-4

The zebra print used on the stools in this luxury white kitchen add some much-needed visual pop.

5. Wood Accents

40 Pristine And White Home Kitchens-5

Subtle wood accents are the perfect touch for this contemporary luxury home kitchen design.