37 Bathrooms With Walk-In Showers

11. An Enormous Room

37 Bathrooms With Walk In Showers-11

This enormous room of a walk-in shower provides plenty of space for scrubbing and relaxing.

12. Separation

37 Bathrooms With Walk In Showers-12

We love the way the walk-in shower of this enormous bathroom has been separated from the rest of the space by pressurized glass.

13. Beautiful

37 Bathrooms With Walk In Showers-13

The light tones of this beautiful bathroom with walk-in shower work exceptionally well.

14. Country Refinement

37 Bathrooms With Walk In Showers-14

In this bathroom, the walk-in shower adds a touch of the contemporary to the country refinement of the overall design.

15. Mosaic

37 Bathrooms With Walk In Showers-15

The visual effect created by the marble and mosaic tile used in this bathroom is truly stunning and arresting.

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