37 Bathrooms With Walk-In Showers

6. All Styles

37 Bathrooms With Walk In Showers-6

While the walk-in shower is typically a feature of contemporary bathroom design, it can be incorporated into other designs, like rustic ones, as well!

7. An Oasis

37 Bathrooms With Walk In Showers-7

This amply sized walk-in shower, which is flanked by a beautiful tub, makes this bathroom design a veritable oasis.

8. Maximize Space

37 Bathrooms With Walk In Showers-8

With a smaller bathroom, having a walk-in shower can really help to increase the sense of space.

9. Color

37 Bathrooms With Walk In Showers-9

By going tan, this walk-in shower creates a nice contrast with the rest of the bathroom’s deep red.

10. Luxury

37 Bathrooms With Walk In Showers-10

It’s hard to ignore the opulent luxury of this stunning bathroom design with walk-in shower.

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