31 Pretty in Pink Bedroom Designs

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If you’re trying to give a feminine touch to any room, then the color you’re instantly going to reach for is pink. Of course, pink can be a pretty aggressive color, which is why many people reserve it as a color scheme for a bedroom. If, for example, you’re building a bedroom for your daughter, then pink is most likely going to rule the day. Also, you may even be considering it for your own bedroom, provided – of course — you don’t have a dude hanging around that will turn his nose up at it!

Given how aggressive the color pink can be, though, you have to find ways of balancing it within a bedroom. Too much can make things garish, and too little will keep you from achieving the effect you desire. That’s why we’ve scoured the Internet, looking for examples of tastefully appointed, pretty in pink bedrooms. We think you’re going to like what you see, and that you’ll certainly find plenty inspiration here for your own pink bedroom in your home.

So come take a tour of some of the coolest pink bedrooms in the land. And, since the color is so bright, you might want to put your shades on!

1. Accents

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Bright pink walls can overpower the senses. Check out how the pink walls in this bedroom have been balanced with white and multi-colored accents.

2. Black

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For a striking visual effect in your pink bedroom, you can try accenting with the color black, which adds a lot of dimension.

3. Maroon

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Maroon is another great color you can use to balance out the overpowering affect that too much pink in a bedroom can have.

4. Accent Wall

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For those who want to add a splash of pink without going overboard, an accent wall like the one you see above can be a good choice.