29 Inspirational Family Room Designs

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The family room is just what it sounds like. It’s a place where, your spouse and your children can gather together for a little family time. Of course, sometimes you might be watching a movie, and other times you might be holding lively conversation. Whatever the case, your family room needs to be a comfortable place to exist – a place that offers ample room for stretching out, padded couches for taking a snooze, and floor space for play while the Sunday morning cartoons are on.

If you’re thinking about remodeling your family room, then perhaps you’re looking for some inspiration! That’s exactly why we’ve put together these stunning and inspirational family room designs. Some are on the modest end of the spectrum, offering plenty of comfort while still appealing to conservative aesthetics. Others are more ornate, luxurious and intricate, offering some ideas for those of you that are looking to do something more outlandish with your family room.

So, if you’re looking for family room design inspiration, then you’ve come to the right place. Come check out these amazing family room designs that we’ve pulled together. We’re sure you’ll find something inspiring on this list!

1. Personal Space

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Making use of the room’s ample dimensions, this family room gives everyone the opportunity to have their own personal space while watching television.

2. Intimate

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If you don’t want the television to be the focal point of your family room, then you’ll want to use muted colors and create a “circle” with your seating.

3. No Coffee Table

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These days, many families are opting to make ottomans the center of their family rooms rather than coffee tables.

4. Contrast

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The juxtaposition of the dark furniture and the light paint (and fresh sunlight) creates an attractive level of drama for this family room.