29 Awesome Open-Concept Dining Room Designs

29 Awesome Open Concept Dining Room Designs-title

It’s all open-concept these days when it comes to interior design, and it’s easy to understand why. Open-concept living spaces increase the level of functionality our homes have, and they make it easier to entertain or to keep an eye on the kids while making dinner. Of course, while open-concept spaces are popular for good reason, the principles of good design for open-concept spaces are not well known.

For example, if you have a dining room in your open-concept living space, do you know how to create enough separation between it and the other living spaces surrounding it? Should the dining room be directly adjacent to the kitchen, or should there be a living room or family room in between? What about colors, fabrics and materials?

There’s a lot to think about, and you’re only going to crack the code for your dining room by looking at examples. That’s why we’ve gone ahead and collected these 29 stunning examples of open-concept dining room designs. Though the styles are various, each one of these examples shows how a dining room can be designed and incorporated into an open-concept living space elegantly and effectively. Check these out! You’ll be impressed.

1. Inversion

29 Awesome Open Concept Dining Room Designs-1

This dining room matches the kitchen in this open-concept living space by inverting the white and wood color scheme.

2. Sunny

29 Awesome Open Concept Dining Room Designs-2

The dining room in this open-concept living space is perfectly placed – right beneath some sunny windows.

3. Contemporary

29 Awesome Open Concept Dining Room Designs-3

Here, the design of the living room perfectly matches the contemporary design of the kitchen beyond it.

4. Drapes

29 Awesome Open Concept Dining Room Designs-4

In order to blend the dining room in with the kitchen, drapes featuring the dining room’s color scheme have been used.