28 Master Bedrooms With Hardwood Floors

28 Master Bedrooms With Hardwood Floors-title

In the old days, the idea of a bedroom without carpeting would’ve been unthinkable. Now, it’s just the opposite. Most homeowners prefer to have hardwood flooring not just in the well-travelled areas of their homes, but also in places like bedrooms and even, in some cases, bathrooms. Having hardwoods in the bedroom means that different design choices will have to be made than were made in the past, though. So, if you’re thinking of hardwoods for your bedroom – or have them already – then you might be looking for some inspiration.

On this list, we’ve collected 28 stunning examples of master bedrooms with hardwood floors. To be sure, there are plenty of design styles and choices that they reflect. Further, the hardwoods of every bedroom are different. Some are light, some are dark, and some are something altogether different. What you’ll find, though, as you go through each of these examples is that there are a range of design choices you can make when remodeling and / redesigning your master bedroom with hardwood floors.

So, come take a look and check out these 28 amazing master bedrooms. We’re sure that you’ll find a couple that mesh well with your personality, and you may just find the design inspiration that you seek!

1. Dramatic

28 Master Bedrooms With Hardwood Floors-1

The dark hardwood floors of this master bedroom are accented by the bold white rug and cream-colored bed linens.

2. Luxurious

28 Master Bedrooms With Hardwood Floors-2

There’s a lot to like in this master bedroom, especially the dramatically separated office area.

3. Cozy

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The red, rich color of the hardwood floors contribute to the cozy feeling of this attic space converted into a master bedroom with built-in dressers.

4. Elegant

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With a wide window providing sweeping outside views, the darkness of the hardwood floors and bed do not overpower the design of this master bedroom.