27 Rustic Kitchen Designs

20. Balance

27 Rustic Kitchen Designs-20

Wrought iron barstools and granite countertops give this rustic kitchen just a dash of modern flair.

21. Time Travel

27 Rustic Kitchen Designs-21

A cook using this kitchen, with curtains covering the cabinets, would feel as if they’d stepped back in time.

22. White

27 Rustic Kitchen Designs-22

The bleached out white of the backsplash, cabinets, floors and walls is balanced beautifully with the darker wood countertops.

23. Blue

27 Rustic Kitchen Designs-23

Those looking for a darker, more ornate look for their rustic kitchen design will enjoy the dark blue cabinets of the island in this kitchen.

24. Eye

27 Rustic Kitchen Designs-24

The eye is drawn to the beautiful copper farmhouse sink by the stunning, rustic light fixture that hangs overhead.

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