27 Rustic Kitchen Designs

5. Grain

27 Rustic Kitchen Designs-5

The natural grain of the wood in this kitchen’s cabinets is all this space needs to create drama and comfort.

6. Less Is More

27 Rustic Kitchen Designs-6

With natural wood and brick coming together in interesting ways, this rustic kitchen perfectly demonstrates that sometimes less is more.

7. Modern


Though thoroughly rustic aesthetically speaking, this kitchen is still able to incorporate modern design choices beautifully.

8. Blend

27 Rustic Kitchen Designs-8

The thoroughly rustic island in this kitchen blends nicely with the more modern cabinetry surrounding thanks to matching hardware.

9. Contemporary

27 Rustic Kitchen Designs-9

A beautiful chandelier hanging over the island, this kitchen manages to be contemporary and rustic all at once.

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