27 Rustic Kitchen Designs

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There are few who would deny that the kitchen is the very beating heart of every home. It’s the place where meals are cooked, where report cards go up on the refrigerator, and where friends and family gather on special occasions or just because. That’s why having a thoroughly attractive and comfortable kitchen is so important. You want a space that’s going to be inviting, while at the same time providing ample space for bringing all of those home-cooked meals together.

The rustic design aesthetic works particularly well in kitchens. It succeeds in adding all of the elements that someone would want in the modern kitchen, while at the same time creating an environment that simply reflects the idea of home. To be sure, there is a great range within the idea of “rustic”, and you’ll find plenty of examples that run the gamut from what you might call a country aesthetic to those that border on the contemporary.

If you’d like to see what we mean, and also to get some ideas for how you can craft a beautiful rustic kitchen for your home, then take a look at this list. We’ve collected 27 stunning examples that could very well provide the genesis for your next kitchen transformation while a reputable contractor like Southern Home Services provides all the necessary labor and renovation expertise.

1. Conversation

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In this amazing rustic kitchen, the unique range is the conversation starter. However, the simplistic cabinets truly sell the space.

2. Simplicity

27 Rustic Kitchen Designs-2

Small light fixtures surrounding the sink complement the natural wood of the cabinetry beautifully in this kitchen.

3. Together

27 Rustic Kitchen Designs-3

Stone and wood come together perfectly around the range to solidify the rustic look of this amazing kitchen.

4. Unadorned

27 Rustic Kitchen Designs-4

Unadorned except for the branching beam, this rustic kitchen design recalls the romance of the ski slope and winter nights.

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