27 Luxury Finished Basement Designs

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Finishing your basement is one of the coolest things you can do as a homeowner. It instantly adds an immense amount of useable floor space to your home, and it allows you to add some creature comforts that there might not have been space (or even time) to incorporate into your main home.

Depending upon your budget, you might be considering doing a number of different things with your finished basement design. That’s why we’ve decided to show you the top of the top by collecting these 27 luxury finished basement designs. Here you’ll see the full extent of what can be done with a finished basement when the budget is no concern and all of the options are on the table.

Now, while you may not be able to afford or even have the space to do something similar to what you’ll see here, you’re sure to find plenty of inspiration for your own designs. So, take a look at these amazing finished basements, and pay attention to the variety of small (and large) things that they do. By doing so, you should be well on your way to devising a finished basement for your home that will be something you’re proud of!

1. Generous

27 Luxury Finished Basement Designs-1

This generously sized finished basement achieves its luxury through recessed ceilings with crown molding and beautiful wooden built-ins.

2. Rich Grains

27 Luxury Finished Basement Designs-2

Here, richly grained wood floors and cabinets come together with an exposed-stone wall to lend an aura of opulence to this finished basement design.

3. Crowning Achievement

27 Luxury Finished Basement Designs-3

A beautiful dark wood bar is the crowning achievement for this finished basement that’s the epitome of luxury.

4. Brick and Concrete

27 Luxury Finished Basement Designs-4

Exposed brick surfaces and polished concrete floors come together to give this luxury basement its signature look.

5. Lights!

27 Luxury Finished Basement Designs-5

Beautiful light fixtures draw attention to the beautiful coffered ceiling in this luxury finished basement.

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