27 Comfortable and Cozy Living Room Designs

27 Comfortable and Cozy Living Room Designs-title

When it comes to your living room design, you obviously want to make things attractive, blending the room in with the other design choices you’ve made in your home. But, in all honesty, that’s not the most important thing! Your living room is a place for you and the people you love to gather and to share time together. For that reason, you want to make your living room as comfortable a place to be in as possible.

Of course, having an attractive living room design and making things cozy are not mutually exclusive. By making the right choices, you can have a room that’s every bit as awesome to look at as it is to exist in. In order to help you strike the right balance, we’ve collected 27 stunning examples of comfortable and cozy living room designs. To be sure, each of these living rooms is exceptionally attractive, but – as you’ll see – they also look like amazingly comfortable places to veg out.

So, come take a look, and see what we’ve found! We’re sure you’ll find plenty of inspiration here for your own living room design, helping you to make it as visually appealing and as cozy as it can be!

1. Ottoman, Baby!

27 Comfortable and Cozy Living Room Designs-1

The neutral color scheme of this living room design is given some spark by that orange ottoman at center.

2. Go Dark

27 Comfortable and Cozy Living Room Designs-2

Often, people will try to keep their living room designs as bright as possible. However, if you go darker, you get an increased sense of intimacy.

3. Go Bright

27 Comfortable and Cozy Living Room Designs-3

Of course, you don’t have to go dark! Check out this bright and airy living room design that’s eminently cozy!

4. Circles

27 Comfortable and Cozy Living Room Designs-4

The curved couch and circular coffee table in this cozy living room design create an environment conducive to conversation.