27 Beautiful Mid-Century Living Room Designs

27 Beautiful Mid Century Living Room Designs-title

Even as we move deep into the 21st century, people are still enamored with classic mid-century designs. In fact, you see these mid-century touches often in contemporary homes, which make use of clean lines, open concepts, and bright picture windows. Even if you do not have a contemporary home, though, you can still bring the charm of the mid-century to your living spaces by making the rich choices in terms of furniture and décor.

To help you understand what we’re talking about, we’ve collected some stunning examples of living rooms that feature mid-century design and mid-century designs. In some cases, you’ll see the mid-century look and feel throughout everything in these living rooms. In other cases, you’ll see how homeowners have made smart choices in transforming ordinary living spaces into something exceptional.

So, if you’re a person who loves mid-century design, and if you’d like some ideas as to how you can bring that look and feel to your home, check out these absolutely beautiful mid-century living rooms! We think you’ll like what you’re going to see!

1. Squared

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Even though this living room is, architecturally speaking, a little vanilla, it comes alive due to the square mid-century furniture and décor.

2. Turquoise

27 Beautiful Mid Century Living Room Designs-2

One color that works exceptionally well when trying to craft a mid-century aesthetic is turquoise.

3. Come Alive

27 Beautiful Mid Century Living Room Designs-3

In this living room, you can see how mid-century furniture and décor can make an ordinary space come alive.

4. Simplicity

27 Beautiful Mid Century Living Room Designs-4

For those who appreciate the virtues of simplicity, there’s a lot to like when examining the range of choices available in mid-century designs.