27 Awesome Sun Deck Designs

22. Space

27 Awesome Sun Deck Designs-22

With a waterfront view like this one, you’ll want to build a sundeck that offers as much space as possible.

23. Environment

27 Awesome Sun Deck Designs-23

With limited space, it’s all about creating a sun deck that offers a unique environment that’s all your own.

24. Surrounding

27 Awesome Sun Deck Designs-24

The light grey of this beautiful sun deck perfectly surrounds this sizable swimming pool.

25. Detached

27 Awesome Sun Deck Designs-25

This detached sun deck features a beautiful pergola to offer shade during warmer, clearer days.

26. Harmony

27 Awesome Sun Deck Designs-26

Here, you have another example of a sun deck that achieves harmony of design with the home.

27. Maximization

27 Awesome Sun Deck Designs-27

Whatever you do with your sun deck, make sure that you’re maximizing the space available and adding as much functionality as possible.

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