27 Awesome Sun Deck Designs

16. Up Against It

27 Awesome Sun Deck Designs-16

This beautiful backyard deck runs right up against the stunning but small pool.

17. Outdoor Living… Room!

27 Awesome Sun Deck Designs-17

This exceptional sun deck essentially functions as an outdoor living room for this home.

18. Roofing Gone Wild

27 Awesome Sun Deck Designs-18

There’s so much you can do with your outdoor living spaces. Check out this rooftop garden over the sun deck!

19. Complementary

27 Awesome Sun Deck Designs-19

A sun deck that complements the overall design of your home is one that will add value to that home!

20. Grassy

27 Awesome Sun Deck Designs-20

The grass that’s been incorporated into the design of this contemporary sun deck is a deft and rewarding choice.

21. Walkway

27 Awesome Sun Deck Designs-21

Just take a look at that stunning walkway that leads through the yard, over the pool and onto the sun deck.

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