27 Awesome Sun Deck Designs

11. Chillin’

27 Awesome Sun Deck Designs-11

You’ve just got to love this attractive and cozy outdoor seating area with a sun sail overhead.

12. Retractable

27 Awesome Sun Deck Designs-12

Here, you have another attractive outdoor seating area. This one features retractable sun sails.

13. Multiple Levels

27 Awesome Sun Deck Designs-13

Using different levels for your deck can increase the functionality of your outdoor living space.

14. Just Beautiful

27 Awesome Sun Deck Designs-14

The sun deck that’s been built in the back of this contemporary home is nothing short of beautiful.

15. Multi-Sided

27 Awesome Sun Deck Designs-15

This multi-sided sun deck provides plenty of space for everyone to spread out and enjoy.

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